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I am pleased to introduce you to the hardest working group of triathlon coaches in the industry. Our coaching philosophy is to help you get the most out of your available training time. We don’t believe in junk mileage or useless workouts. We combine the most current research and triathlon training techniques with proven race strategies to help our athletes reach their goals.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to hire a triathlon coach, please take a moment to read The Benefits of Hiring a Coach. The article will shed some light on important points to consider when selecting a triathlon coach.

As you tour our website, you’ll learn more about our one-on-one coaching services and the training plans we provide. We are based in Boulder, CO, but our coaches and athletes live around the world. We are proud of our athletes, their accomplishments and the friendships we share. You can learn from our coaches, free of charge. Bookmark the training tips and articles page and sign up for the Extra Mile e-newsletter.

D3 Triathlon University 7 Part Beginner Series.

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