Martina Young

USAT Certified Coach

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Bike Fitter

If you have specific goals that you want to reach in triathlon, a coach is a good place to start – but it’s not the answer of and by itself. Desire, determination, and Discipline (the 3 D’s !) – all play a role. When you’re ready to do the work to get to the next level then you’re ready for a coach!

Most athletes like to concentrate on the aspect of training that they are the most comfortable with, which are often long workouts with low effort (volume emphasis). While volume does play a role, shorter workouts at high effort (intensity emphasis) are also very important. Knowing when to do what type of training is crucial in succeeding and staying injury free. As a coach and a muskuloskeletal expert I create plans that enhance physiological strengths of an individual and correct his or her weaknesses, which makes training fun, efficient and effective.

Being an athlete, mother, wife and a working individual I am aware that time limitations can be a struggle and a source of frustration for most typical age group athletes. Therefore I place a lot of importance not only in gathering objective data, such as lactate threshold, from the athlete but also subjective information such as routines and stressors that an athlete faces on a daily basis. Finding a healthy balance  to fulfill the needs of “athletic” and “non-athletic” self is a form of art that requires attention to detail and commitment to perfection, both of which I am proud to offer.

I too have been coached in array of different sports. Methodical coaching had the greatest impact in triathlon where I saw my times drop year after year. That’s what being a coach and a part of D3 is all about for me: sharing the knowledge that can only come from time and experience and paying it forward to athletes from all walks of life!


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