a few comments from D3 Athletes

Success with a Training Plan!

Thank you for really preparing me for my first full Ironman in Arizona. At first I was a bit skeptcial going with the beginner plan as I'm always looking to push, however I found that the plan was difficult in the right ways and really prepared me well to finish strong. I was able to finish with a time of 11:17 which was about 40 minutes faster than I was shooting for. I will, for sure, be using these plans for future races. Thanks again!

Ryan Smith
Ironman Arizona, 2015

Dizzy to Finisher!

On the day of the event, my coach showed up on the bike path with his bike, he rode along side me for awhile and I was so happy. Seeing him and hearing his voice refreshed me and he kept telling me how good I looked and how strong I was. That made me feel even better and gave me the one special rare place I found only twice on this day and that was - a determination that nothing would stop me from finishing this. The other time this came was on the swim, I was sick and dizzy and was afraid I would not make the cutoff, then I decided not today, today I'm going to be an Ironman. So yes I did this, but if I do not have proper direction I cannot go in the right direction - to the finish. My coach gave me part of this incredible gift - An IRONMAN FINISHER!!!!! Please acknowledge him for his hard work. For you Mike and D3 this makes you an elite coaching group in my eyes. I am planning to recommend anyone who asks me how I did it to you. An OUTSTANDING group!

Katie O'Brien
Ironman Boulder, 2015


The D3 Camp in Tucson was superb. We had 5 days of intense training that culminated in a Mount Lemmon ascent and descent. The hands on-instruction, training, and guidance were outstanding. Overall, I highly recommend this camp to anyone becoming serious about their triathlon training!

Bud Winn
D3 Tucson Camp athlete, 2015

After Many Years of Racing!

D3 has a great group of coaches and contributors that really know their stuff. After many years of racing and training for endurance events, I was unsure if I was going to take much away from the camp. I was proven wrong and walked away from the camp with a nice list of things that I change and work on before my next big race. Thanks D3!

Jeff Tenniswood
D3 Boulder Camp athlete, 2015

First Timer!

For a first-timer, this camp was a huge confidence booster. It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day training and overwhelmed by the enormity of taking on an Ironman; having a chance to get away for a few days and focus some time and energy on the exact same course where I'm going to be racing with folks who know the course inside and out was a great experience. I left camp with a feeling that I can actually do this, and built some great visualization of the course that I can use in the last few weeks of training leading up to race day.

Chris Kraft
D3 Boulder Camp athlete, 2015

Training Plans!

Just wanted to thank you D3 and Coach Mike Ricci for putting together solid and reliable training plans at an affordable price on Training Peaks. I'm a recreational triathlete who took a few years off from exercise due to medical and personal issues. I also gained 30 lbs. I started last May using one of your sprint triathlon plans in TP, and worked my way up to completing my first Ironman this past weekend. Most importantly, I completed all my events and training with ZERO injuries, which is a first for me. In the past, I've suffered knee, hip, shoulder and other injuries that prevent me from participating in planned events, and I have severe arthritis which also causes its own challenges. Just can't praise your plans enough for getting the job done in a smart and safe way - even for someone coming back from so far away from being fit. Thanks!!

Carrie Shephard
D3 Training Plan user, 2015


I wanted to just send you a quick note and rave to you on what a wonderful coach Martina has been and continues to be. I really appreciate the match that you made in placing me with her. She has phenomenal understanding of the sport, is an excellent coach especially given the injuries and surgery I'm battling back from. I haven't felt this motivated in a long time. She's great about adapting to what I can do right now and I feel like she has put me on the right schedule and plan to hit the 70.3 this year and work towards a full next year. She's a wonderful coach you have and I wanted to let you know how great she is and how much I appreciate her talent and capability!

Mark Overby
D3 Athlete, 2015

Trusted My Training!

I was totally impressed with my D3 Multisport coaching team and Coach Mike. My personalized training program was custom tailored for my needs and issues. I was able to work through some minor injuries and impediments. My coach Melissa was very knowledgeable about the workout routines and optimizing my training time while allowing for recovery. It was nice to get my weekly workouts based on last week’s efforts and goals. The tools and tips available on the D3 website were invaluable. I received excellent feedback about my progress and condition. I felt like I was well prepared for my race. On the day of my Ironman I just relaxed and enjoyed the day. I trusted in my training to get me through the day. We had practiced hydration and nutrition and that ended up being a key factor on a hot day. Thanks Coach Mike and Melissa for all of your help, everyone thinks I’m a badass!

Jon Vermillion
Ironman Boulder, 2014


I feel great! Anyone who asks about my Ironman has heard me tell them that I felt that my coach perfectly prepared me to finish feeling good and smilin'!

Nicole Holmes
Ironman Wisconsin Finisher, 2014

Better Race!

I've never had a better race. I felt great all the way through it. My nutrition plan worked perfect and the wattage on the bike was just an awesome thing to have. Overall I beat my last half by over an hour. I think 1 hour 5 mins to be exact. I finished 24/110 age group starters and 112/1000 starters. Your coaching has definitely elevated my game and should put me in a great position for the Steelhead half in 3 weeks. D3!

Jeff Yeager
Steelhead 70.3, 2014
Satisfied Quarterly Athlete

Thank you!

Mike, Thank you for offering the Quarterly (12 week) Custom Plans for athletes with monthly feedback! I have used D3Multisport training plans in the past; one-on-one services, a few online plans to help jump start my cycling season. Having had great success with Mike's plans in the past, I knew I would call upon him once again when I decided to do my first Ironman. I didn't need a lot of hand holding but, did need guidance and direction and a plan/program I could trust. It's hard enough training for an Ironman and I didn't need more stress figuring out a plan or second guessing what I was doing each week. And, it always helps to have a little accountability to someone besides yourself to get you moving when it's snowy, cold, windy etc. like it was in Colorado during my training. The Quarterly plan was perfect- not too much that I got burned out, not too hard that I got injured, good variety, good steady increase in the volume. There were only a few weeks where I was thinking this is getting to be a lot and then it was 3-4 weeks out from race day and I was wondering how 6 months passed so quickly. The monthly feedback via a phone call was an added bonus for me- just a quick check in each month with Coach Mike to review my progress, get feedback that I was on the right track and/or make any minor adjustments if I wasn't. Race week, I felt fit and well prepared physically. Mentally, however, I still couldn't wrap my head around the long day that awaited me. When that gun went off, I simply said- "just like a long day of training but, with people cheering and handing out food and drinks" -:). And, that's what it was- a long day but, just what I was trained for! I'm proud to say that not only did I survive one of the most difficult races at IMSG but, walked away with a 2nd place in my AG. Even happier that I didn't do damage to my body, didn't need the med tent and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face! Thank You D3Multiport for helping me achieve my goals and have a great Ironman experience.
Kathleen Steffe
2nd AG IMUT, 2012
Fastest Overall Amateur Swim

Just the Facts!

Coach Mike: What can I say? He took a 16+ hour Ironman guy. A DNF guy. He took a head case guy. Yes, I was a TOTAL head case. He took that and helped me go 12:47. This was also a 12:47 without a med tent. What do I mean? I always promised my family I would never race to the point I needed to go to the med tent. So he taught me how to race. I still think he feels I can go much faster. I believed in him, but he taught me to believe in me. After Ironman Wisconsin, I finally do! Let me just give facts and you can decide if you need a coach like Mike:

3 Main races: All 3 I had PRs. Not just PRs, but a 30 min PR in my half and a FOUR HOUR PR in my Ironman. Oh yeah, that includes a flat tire and no swim goggles. Ha! Went from an FTP of 130 to 211. That’s a gain of 81 Watts or 62% over 8 months! I averaged MORE power for SEVEN hours now than I could average for 60 min when I first started. How about that!

I ran a 20 mile race (not an “A” race) where Coach told me to hammer that last 5 miles. I laughed when he told me that. He was nuts. I did the race and run each of the last 5 miles in the 6's – that was AFTER 15 miles. At that point I still did not believe in myself.

I learned to trust a coach. Coach told me to WALK the helix. I said no way (to myself), but on race day, I said, “Come on Stu, do like Coach Mike said.” I walked the Helix, and it set me up for a perfect day.I finally believe in myself. That is a FACT! You can take everything else away. This FACT alone is worth it to me. Thanks Mike! You ROCK!. -Simply Stu, IMWI Finisher, 4 hour PR

No Substitute for a Great Coach!

I used D3 Multisport coaching to shave 2.5 hours off of my Ironman PR in 2007. Of all the tools available to make yourself a better triathlete, I found that great coaching is the most valuable. You can buy a better bike, train harder but not smarter, and spend lots of time and money on gear, but the knowledge that great coaching can give you is usable for a lifetime and will never wear out. Mike Ricci 's services were incredibly professional and always available. His techniques were unbelievably solid and improvements were easily identifiable. One touch that I especially enjoyed was that he informed me ahead of time if he would not be reachable for any period of time. I always felt like he was paying attention to my training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.-Brett Blanker, IMWI Finisher 2007

Kona Qualifier!

I came into triathlon from a competitive swimming and running background. I'd been fortunate enough to work with some excellent single-sport coaches throughout my career, but until the '07 season I'd never worked with a triathlon coach to bring all three disciplines together. Under my own tutelage, I managed to finish 3 ironman races within 10 minutes of each other (consistent, but not particularly impressive in the improvement department!). Working with Coach Mike focused my training efforts and allowed me to have the season that age group triathletes dream of. I qualified to be the Illinois representative in the Best of the U.S. series. I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships, Finally, I nailed my race at Ironman Wisconsin and qualified for Kona! I would highly recommend D3 Multisport coaching to anyone wanting to take their racing to the next level! Thanks Mike!-Chris Sweet, IMWI Finisher 2007, Kona Qualifier

Wisconsin Ironman

My 2007 racing season has just ended and I find myself already strategizing and setting goals for 2008. To me, this is the measure of a great coach. I have the desire to continue to improve and the confidence to know that I can. I feel this is largely due to Mike 's effective coaching. I came to D3 Multisport with little athletic experience or triathlon training knowledge. >From the beginning, I felt comfortable with the direction and plan for the season. Mike was easily accessible via phone or email and always promptly answered my questions. Basically, I just did what he told me to do and the positive results followed. Obviously, the physical training wasn't that simple, but I trusted his knowledge and am a better racer because of it. This past season I frequently placed in the top three in my age group at races in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I PR’d by over 30 minutes at one of my Half-Iron distance races. I finished my season with a 12:33 at my first Ironman in Wisconsin. Thanks Mike!-Michelle Brost, IMWI Finisher 2007

One Happy Athlete!

Training under Mike's guidance made me not only a stronger and smarter triathlete but also a happier one. I was in bad spirits when I started working with him and he quickly saw that the first thing we needed to do was get my love for the sport back. He was not afraid on cutting back my training so we could focus on my psyche. In fact, I do not think that he is ever afraid of any challenge. He approaches every problem with such confidence. Mike understands me because he takes the time to listen. Not to mention his vast pool of knowledge. With Mike I know that not matter how tough a training day, a race or recovery from an injury is going to be, at the end, I will be alright. I am doing my first IM this year, and I am not scared, quite the opposite, I am thrilled. How couldn't I be? I have the best coach in the world.-Martina Young, 1st Place AG Rock-n-Roll Half Ironman 2005, 3rd Place AG at Slovenia Championships Finisher, IM Austria 2007

Achieved my Personal Best Times!!

I began racing marathons in 1981, triathlons in 1986, and adventure racing from 1998-2004. That’s 25 years of some serious endurance and Multisport racing – over 40 marathons (four or five Boston Marathons and a 2:42 PR), four Ironman races (two in Kona), three Eco-Challenges, and many, many more. At 50 years old, though, I have never been as fit, strong, or confident in my ability as now, and I owe that to the training I have done under the close guidance of Mike Ricci. In the four or five months leading up to my recent Ironman Japan experience – my first triathlon since IM Germany in 1997 – my time training was optimized and there were absolutely no junk miles or workouts without a very specific purpose. Not only did all the training make a lot of sense and work to continually challenge and improve my fitness; but, also, it was fun! I never thought I’d say that about riding alone in the mountains for six hours, but it was. As a result, I had a wonderful experience at Ironman Japan in May, 2006, and am eager to go out and seriously race my next Ironman effort later this year; of course, with Mike’s complete guidance.-Barry Siff, 5430 Sports Race Director, Finisher - IM Japan 2006, Finisher - IM New Zealand 2007, Finisher - IM Arizona 2007

Achieved my Personal Best Times!!

Although I have received advice and coaching from Mike in the past, this was the first full year of having a dedicated coach and structured annual plan. I can't express how happy I was with my training and ultimately my results for the season. I had a very long season and with Mike's guidance and experience, I was able to make it through without burning out and in the process achieved personal best times in every single race this year culminating with a 4:46 half Ironman on a tough course and a 10:34 at Ironman Florida. With Mike's help I was able to shave an amazing 1.5 hours off my previous Ironman best in just one season. Without a doubt, Mike has the knowledge and dedication to help each of his athletes identify and achieve their personal goals.-Steve Bouey, IMWI 2003 Finisher 12:04, IMFL 2004 Finisher 10:34

All of the training paid off!

I have learned a great deal about myself in working with Mike. He has kept me realistic in my goal setting while remaining supportive and positive. He has also required me to push my body beyond limits I never knew existed for me, mentally and physically. The training alone for Ironman Florida has been one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have ever tackled. As a result, on the morning of Nov. 10th when I dipped my toes into the cool, salty water of the Gulf of Mexico I felt relaxed and composed. I was looking forward to the day ahead and felt prepared. All of the training paid off with a 1:05 swim/5:36 bike/ 4:01 run and total time of 10:53:21. That was about 20 min faster than I expected and was a performance that made me proud! Thanks, Mike.-Audra Kammerer, Ironman Florida 2001 Finisher, Ironman Vineman 2002 – qualified for Hawaii, Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2002 Finisher

Thank you Mike!

I discovered Mike Ricci by reading an article in Inside Tri. Of the many choices I had, I called D3 Multisport and spoke with Mike because his plans were developed through interviewing and learning the athlete. Not generic, one size fits all plans. I believe you get what you pay for. Through our conversation, I quickly knew he had a passion for the sport with virtually no ego. I committed on the spot to a 4-month commitment and we got to work. From the minute I opened the first workout, and had my first coaching conversation, I knew I was on my way to achieving my = IM goals of a 0:35 swim, 2:40 Bike, and a 1:55 run. As it turns out, I swam 0:31, Biked 2:35 and Ran 1:52. In four months my PR went from 5:44 to 5:05 - Thank you Mike! Our preparation together resulted in a PR and the confidence I can hang in the big leagues, Ironman! -Bud Lacombe, President, CEO, and Age Group Triathlete, California Half-Ironman Finisher

What an Awesome year 2000!

...THANK YOU! What an awesome year 2000: Boston Marathon, Alcatraz Sharkfest, and Ironman Florida. Who would have guessed, five years ago, that a 240 lbs., fat, workaholic, with limited athletic ability could have completed any one of the above? It is the direct result of your coaching and your counseling. MIKE I finished an IRONMAN! WHO would have thought, (especially me)? You are an awesome coach. -Ron Phipps, Ironman Florida 2000 Finisher

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