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Athlete of the Month, December 2016 – Tina Hepper

Congratulations Tina Hepper for finishing your first Ironman! Coach Martina nominated Tina Hepper for our Athlete of the Month because she successfully finished Ironman Arizona this past November. As those who have crossed the finish line know, an Ironman is a significant achievement! Martina said that Tina had some setbacks during training with injuries, but…

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Conduct a Year-End Assessment

You made it through another (or your first!) triathlon season. You’ve accomplished some goals, you’ve learned a thing or two (or twenty) about the sport, and you’re starting to look to the year ahead. This is a great time to do a head-to-toe, end-to-end assessment of some different things you can improve upon, or that…

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Why You’re Not a Faster Swimmer

Of the four legs of triathlon (yes, transitions count too), swimming is arguably the most technical. And, not surprisingly, it’s the leg that many athletes struggle with the most. I believe there’d be general agreement that the “easiest” way to become a great swimmer is to start when you’re young, have great coaches who help…

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