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Transitioning to Indoor Training

How to train inside and not lose your mind or motivation. While many athletes will grind out miles on the trainer and treadmill over the course of the winter, I like to take the opposite approach. Unless you really love to sit on your bike seat and ride in place, and have lots of time…

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Athlete of the Month, January 2016 – Mark Overby

Being an Ironman is not just an ability to physically push your body to complete the 140.6 miles, it’s about how we manage the challenges that come our way as we embark on the journey to cross that finish line.  Coach Martina nominated this month’s athlete because she recognized that he has had a remarkable…

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Learn to Love to Suffer

Let’s face it, at some point during your race you’re going to hurt. I don’t mean that random knee pain that pops up now and then, or the side cramp that comes and goes, I mean that suffering that comes when you’re mentally tired and physically fatigued. But, you have a goal so you will…

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Know Thy Sweat Rate in All Conditions

Every athlete’s sweat rate is different. Your sweat rate depends on your body size, exercise intensity, climate (temperature, wind, etc.), physical fitness, clothing, gender, and how you acclimated to the current conditions you are exercising in. Your sweat rate is the starting point to developing a successful race plan. As you begin to exercise more…

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Great Swim Drills

We All Start Somewhere Great Swim Drills In my first triathlon I wallowed my way through an 800m swim in nearly 28 minutes – that was more than 3 minutes per 100! I tried freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and even the dead man float in order to get through that swim. I was so ambitious and…

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Coach’s Perspective: What Does it Take to Kona Qualify?

This past September and October I had two of my athletes qualify for Kona, which was such an amazing feeling as a coach. The paths they took to earning those spots were very different and had their own challenges. Greg Lindquist nailed a spot by winning Ironman Lake Tahoe outright and Sarah Peltier punched her…

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