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Athlete(s) of the Month, August 2016 – Tom Duckett and Mike Farmer

D3′s IM Boulder athletes made a lasting impression on the coaches as well as the other athletes and spectators. And two of them had experiences we are proud to turn the spotlight on and share their stories. Tom Duckett’s coach, Jim Hallberg shared in his nomination that Tom had one heck of a journey getting…

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Ironman Cabo Course Review and Race Report

My father was a below the knee amputee (left Leg) and he had had an early technology hip replacement in the “good leg”. He was a typical over achieving challenged athlete for his day. Swimming was his best sport but he could also deliver quite a fastball playing the sport he adopted and loved from…

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5 Essentials to Know for Race Day Nutrition

1. Know your sweat rate. You can’t have a successful plan without knowing how much fluid you need to stay hydrated. 2. Know you need carbohydrates during intense exercise. ACSM suggests an adult can oxidize 60 grams of carbohydrates an hour and that should be your starting point when engaged in 60 minutes or greater…

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Turn and Burn

Here we are once again nearing the end of another race season. Your “A” race is right around the corner and you have a handful of “B” and “C” races in the books. Hundreds and thousands of miles have been logged on the road and enough flip turns to make your head spin. Your nutrition…

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D3 Athlete of the Month, July 2016 – Bill Spencer

Coach Martina nominated Bill Spencer because he has a great way of being involved in the training process. His desire to know why and how things are happening is a great curiosity for a coach to coach! She also says that he is an exceptional communicator which also makes it enjoyable to coach him. He…

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Limiting Your Self-Limits

What do you do when you tell yourself, “I can’t do this.”? Many athletes find a time when they talk themselves out of a good training session or race. Their bodies maybe up to it, but their minds somehow shut down their performance or limit them in some way. It doesn’t have to be this…

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In-Season Strength Training, Beyond Hill Repeats

When most triathletes think of strength training, their first thought is running or biking uphill. This type of sport-specific strength training is definitely the most efficient and effective way to increase your watts, but there are additional applications that you can use in season to give you an edge on your competition. Incorporating functional strength…

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