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At some point not long after my first Ironman, LP 2001, I was struggling over the cold hard truth that while I could run a 3:30 marathon (had done so a year earlier), things went to hell in a basket when there was a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike in front of that….

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Athlete of the Month, April 2016 – Nora Okusu

What would you do if your favorite annual ride/race started with rain and continued raining for an entire 100K? You might have an immediate answer to those questions, but as you read the story about our Athlete of the Month, we know you’ll take a fresh look at your response and reassess what’s important after…

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Champions Adapt!

When I came on board with the University of Colorado Triathlon team coaching staff two years ago, interim head coach and current D3 coach Dave Sheanin had instilled the mindset of “champions adapt” with the squad.  This proved to be a strong rally call for the Buffs en route to their fifth consecutive collegiate club…

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2 Minutes to a Better Workout!

Every workout should have a specific purpose. And to get the most out of a workout’s designed purpose, your mind needs to know what you want your body to do.  Taking two minutes to rehearse your workouts can help you complete harder intervals and resist the temptation to ditch your recovery ride when a pack…

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The Benefits of “Boredom”

We’re endurance athletes.  We train our bodies to work at sustainable levels of output over long periods of time.  Even a sprint race lasts an hour or so.  (As compared to a sprint race in running or swimming, we’re not really sprinting–we’re out on the course a LOT longer than athletes in other sports.)  Preparing…

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