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Athlete of the Month, September 2016 – Kris Plant

Coach Brad nominated Kristine Plant as our September Athlete of the Month. Kris has a fun approach to triathlon, and weaves in her competitiveness in a great way which makes it a pleasure to coach her! She recently qualified for the 2017 70.3 World Championships by placing 4th in her age group at the 70.3…

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7 Ideas to Help You Fill the Weeks Between Your Last Race and a New Training Plan

Off season; it’s a weighted word. Some are ready for it, some dread it, others anticipate it more than the actual season, a few ignore it. For most of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re checking off the last couple of boxes from our race schedule and putting in the final touches of quality for…

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The Ideal Heart Rate for Ironman Triathlon Racing

One question our coaches are frequently asked is, “What is the ideal HR zone for the Bike & and Run portion of a full IM?” Even for someone just hoping to finish an Iron distance event this is an important question! Many people think the answer is high Zone 2 or Zone 3 but training…

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Athlete(s) of the Month, August 2016 – Tom Duckett and Mike Farmer

D3′s IM Boulder athletes made a lasting impression on the coaches as well as the other athletes and spectators. And two of them had experiences we are proud to turn the spotlight on and share their stories. Tom Duckett’s coach, Jim Hallberg shared in his nomination that Tom had one heck of a journey getting…

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Ironman Cabo Course Review and Race Report

My father was a below the knee amputee (left Leg) and he had had an early technology hip replacement in the “good leg”. He was a typical over achieving challenged athlete for his day. Swimming was his best sport but he could also deliver quite a fastball playing the sport he adopted and loved from…

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5 Essentials to Know for Race Day Nutrition

1. Know your sweat rate. You can’t have a successful plan without knowing how much fluid you need to stay hydrated. 2. Know you need carbohydrates during intense exercise. ACSM suggests an adult can oxidize 60 grams of carbohydrates an hour and that should be your starting point when engaged in 60 minutes or greater…

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