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A Multisport Physician’s Thoughts on Triathlon Marketing Statistics

It is likely that most of you read the statistics shared with USA Triathlon that were obtained by the marketing company TribeGroup (read “The Mind of the Triathlete”) and posted on their website.  The data was collected several years ago during the last ‘economic correction’ in 2008/2009.  One might argue that the times have changed…

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Mobility and Stability Come First in Rehabing

A “six pack” does not necessarily mean a strong core. This article describes how to develop mobility and stability for strength. The five steps of recovery after surgery are: reduce and as soon as possible eliminate swelling, restore range of motion, retrain stability in the joint, establish strength and last but not least, train for…

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The Triathlon Minute, Episode 30: Strength Training while you Travel

D3 Multisport is proud to release the video series, “The Triathlon Minute”. Invest 1 minute each Friday and you may learn something you didn’t know. Strength Train while you Travel! Coach Martina shares a a few tips to help you maintain strength in a creative way while you travel. Be our number 950 on Twitter…

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Physical Therapy and Coaching Q&A

ASK A PT FROM ALTITUDE PHYSICAL THERAPY QUESTION: I am a seasoned triathlete and competitive in my age group in the Sprint and Olympic Distance.  I train hard and regular and I try to train smart to avoid injury.  I have been following a training plan for a half marathon in November, but didn’t really…

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Rethinking the Discipline Behind the Disciplines: Strength Training

Rethinking the Discipline Behind the Disciplines: Strength Training By Lentine Zahler   Chances are you’re starting to climb out of the depths of winter and getting back into a regular training program – those Spring races are right around the corner! But, as you kiss the trainer, the treadmill and those dark mornings at the…

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Coaching Tips to Gain Swimming Speed

I have been swimming since I was little but have not participated in coached adult swimming sessions until college. While I knew that my technique was decent I could not figure out why I was relatively slow in the water. So I asked the coach on the deck and he said to me: “ You…

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Strengthening the Core in the Off Season

As athletes, we often focus much of our training on swim, bike, and run; especially when pushed for time, we tend to negate some other very important steps we can take to make us better, stronger athletes and less injury prone. One such small workout we can do that I feel has a big importance…

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Getting Tuned Up for Race Season

It’s funny, but it’s one of the most common questions I get during the last weeks of training before the season’s first race is “How can I be sure that I’m ready?” Well… If you’re not ready by now, there’s not much you can do. There is a TON of good advice out there on…

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The Art of Winter Training

With the changing weather, shorter days and holidays, training through the winter months is more art than science. Many athletes see the winter as a time to get ahead and start building a base for next season. However, with the obstacle mentioned above, that can be very difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are some…

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Winter Trainer Workouts

Athletes commonly ask me about how to make their time on the trainer more enjoyable. For most of us “type A” triathletes more effective equals more enjoyable, so here are some ways to hopefully do both. First of all make sure that you have an INTENT for the workout (for example you may need an…

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