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triathlon training videos


D3 Multisport coaches have a long history of swim coaching and have brought their expertise to you via the following vidoes on drills and technique. From USA Swimming to USAT Coaching our coaches are certified and bring you the very latest in swim theory.

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D3 Multisport coaches go through cycling basics and teach you the proper drills you need to know in order to ride your best!

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D3 Multisport has worked with some of the best run coaches in the world and have brought you their ideas on not only run drills and proper form, but also pre-run activation drills as well.

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Strength Training

Strength Training is an important part of maintaining a strong core and avoiding common overuse injuries. We’ve listed our favorites here and we hope they help you have an injury free race season!

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If you’re into endurance events at any level, a sound nutrition & hydration regime is just as important as the right training plan! What you choose to eat and drink and the timing of each can have a direct and profound impact on not only how you feel today , but the quality of your workout two days from now and how well your body holds up over the season! Set up a consultation with D3’s Certified Nutritionist and make sure when you head out the door for for your next workout or race you’re literally fueled for success!

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D3 Triathlon University 7 Part Beginner Series.

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