D3 Launches Remote Swim Analysis

D3 Launches Remote Swim Analysis

If you’re serious about improving your freestyle technique and swimming faster, there’s no substitute for video analysis. Even top-tier swimmers have trouble understanding what they’re doing in the water without the visual feedback that video provides. Having your technique analyzed by a professional coach is the perfect way to identify and correct issues with your stroke mechanics.

D3 offers a very simple way for you to do this, regardless of where you live! Follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll have feedback on your stroke within a week.

The process is simple:
1. Have a friend capture video of you in the pool, above and under water following our simple instructions then upload your clips to D3.
2. Coach Dave Sheanin will analyze your technique and provide you with a complete breakdown of your stroke using motion analysis video software.
3. The resulting video will be uploaded to your private folder on the web for you to download and review.

Early Bird Offer: $100.
Deadline December 31st!
(Hint: This makes a great holiday gift!)

Send Dave an email now if interested! Dave@D3multisport.com

Dave Sheanin is a USA Swimming and USA Triathlon certified coach and accomplished triathlete and open-water swimmer with years of experience analyzing and improving freestyle technique. His coaching philosophy centers around the idea of perfecting technique before logging lots of yards. The more you practice bad form, the harder it will be to get faster.

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