Racing Glenwood Springs Triathlon

Racing Glenwood Springs Triathlon

Racing Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is a classic race ? night before packet pick up, seedings are by swim times, not AGs, and the barbeque at the awards banquet is a great one.

Swim: The swim is in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool ? it?s about 88-90 degrees and it?s hot. My best swims have come with very little warm up and a cold shower beforehand to thin the blood. The swim is seven, 110m laps ? so about 770m altogether. You have to count your own laps so be alert! The swim gets hot about 3 lengths in, and after that you just suffer as your arms get heavier and you feel as though you are in jello, just slugging it out.

T1: Out of the pool you run through the gate and to your bike. The mount line is at the west end of the parking lot. Be careful of incoming cyclists if you are going in a later wave.

Bike: A pretty straightforward ride ? across the street from the pool, you get on a ramp for I-70 and you bike 7.5 mile to another off ramp, go up it, turn, left, then turn left to get back on I-70 to head East back to the pool parking lot. The course is usually cool in the morning, especially after a hot swim (!), and the way out is usually faster then the way back, so don?t be discouraged by the wind or slight uphill on the way home.

T2: same place as T1 ? exit at the East end of the parking lot

Run: headed out of T2, you run around the pool complex and over the ped bridge and then around the Denver hotel before heading out up the bike path a couple of miles, then make the right hand turn across the bridge and then another right hand turn to head for home. The run is slightly uphill on the way out and slightly downhill on the way home.

Pacing the race:
Swim: take it out easy unless you are a strong swimmer ? otherwise when you start hurting from the temps in the pool, you?ll be in trouble.

Bike: Take the bike out at a pace you can maintain for 10 miles, because the way out is over quickly and the way back can be a grind and seem like more than 7.5 miles. For an intermediate triathlete, using Zone 4 on the way out and Zone 5a on the way back would be about right.

Run: Definitely pace yourself on the way out on the run so you can let it rip on the way back! For an intermediate triathlete, Zone 3 on the way out and Zone 5 on the way back would be my advice.

For any experienced triathletes, you can bump the heart rates up one zone. For beginners, bump the HR effort down one zone.

Good luck!


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