D3 Athlete of the Month Beth Noble, April 2009

D3 Athlete of the Month Beth Noble, April 2009

D3 Athlete of the Month: Beth Noble
Beth is currenly deployed in Iraq, working as a doctor in the Air Force. During her 6 month deployment she had to leave behind her 1 year old daughter Martha, her 3 year old son Liam and her husband, Matt. She and Matt are both training to complete their first triathlon when Beth returns to the states.

D3: Who is your coach?

BN: Amanda McCracken

D3: What is your workout schedule like?
BN:I usually work out every day for an hour or so based on Amanda‚Äôs recommendations. I like getting her assignments because it gives me motivation to push myself harder than I would do on my own. I don’t have a lot of motivation to run (I really prefer the bike) so I’ve been entering as many running races as I can because the competition of a race gives me incentive to go farther and faster. I can’t believe how much I’ve improved on my 5K!

D3: What do you miss most about training in the US?
BN:One of the biggest difficulties in training for the triathlon here is the lack of a pool. I really thought there would be pools over here (since it’s a hot desert!) but I’ve had trouble finding one. They have a small one at my new base but it isn’t open yet and may not be big enough to do laps. More to come on that! I also like how Amanda has me do core work. At home I had some back pain and sciatica but strengthening my core has gone a long way to relieve that problem.

D3: Have you found it easier or more difficult to train while being away from home?
BN:I’m glad I’ve taken this separation as an opportunity to get back in shape and I will try to continue it once I get home. I’ve also been focusing on having a healthy diet here. I usually have fish or grilled chicken and avoid all the fried foods. I also have at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies because they are also available in the chow hall. I’ve never felt better!

D3: Do you get to email / talk to your kids often?
BN:I speak to Matt and my kids on the phone nearly every day and Skype once every 2 weeks usually.


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