Ironman Lake Placid Race Report 2009 Kevin Long

Ironman Lake Placid Race Report 2009 Kevin Long


Background: This was my first Ironman. I started training the weekend I signed up for the race and in earnest from November 1. I had many goals for this, not the least of which was to lose at least 30 lbs by race day. Weight loss was less than consistent, but by race day I had reached that goal. Other goal was to stay consistent with my training, and I think I largely achieved that. I trained like no other year and I made several breakthroughs along the way…not the least of which was to truly enjoy my training.

Race morning woke up at 4:30 after a better night’s sleep than I expected (and most races). But it still wasn’t great. No surprise there. It’s race tradition at this point. Drank 2 Boosts, put on race uniform, put bottles in the proper race bags with ice packs, etc. and headed down to body marking and the race. Weather was already warm and humid, no rain. SWEET!

Got down to race site at my desired time of 5:15, found my friend Donna right away for her to body mark me…snapped a few pictures and entered transition. Put bottles in my T1 and T2 bags, pumped up tires on bike, put bottles on, adjusted gears, etc. Looked at watch and I was way ahead of schedule. Was also tough to recognize people I knew in the sea of people. Saw my friends Mitch and Mully and walked to drop off our special foods bags. Went to meet Gio at agreed upon corner at 6, but didn’t see him. Went to bathroom, headed up to swim start with Matt and looked for family, whom I found…as it started raining. Oh no…shades of Timberman and IMLP 08…felt so badly for the fans. Gave them my morning clothes, put on wetsuit and realized I forgot to do my warm-up swim. Got into water to do it and after a minute or two went back to shore. Too many people and I was too nervous. Located Gio and AMM and we swam across to the other side from swim exit to start. After pre race activities, I noticed a huge open space in the water between the crowd at the start line and the people lining the shores waiting for the gun to go off.

I waded into this space; started heading to the start line when the gun went off…got a good running (or swimming) start. Passed the warm “water” barrier that is the start line and instantly hit a crowd. Kept sighting the buoy line 75 yards to my left and trying to swim to open water. Ran into several crowds of people, which lasted to turn buoy. Swam wide of the buoy and when I looked to my right on a breath saw my buddy Matt! Was very dark at this end of course and was raining pretty hard. Got hit in the face a few times, once hard. Found more open water for swim back to end first loop. Found a lot of congestion on last few hundred yards to end first lap and it was pretty physical. Got out, checked time…was right on goal. Hopped in behind the dock, dove in past people still walking and started my second loop. Found myself a lot closer to the buoys, and within no time realized I was right on the buoy line. I actually said out loud, “oh no” and made a sharp right around the swimmers in front of me to move over, far away from the buoys. Concentrated on sighting to turn buoy and open water, with lane buoys far to my left again. Less traffic this time, but still found myself in a few Malachi Crunch’s. At turn buoy, did flip over turn technique for both turns to perfection and headed home to finish my first IM swim. Was fairly comfortable in the swim effort whole way, held back on first loop and was able to push at times on the second loop. There was a lot of contact the closer I got to the swim and I got whacked in the nose by someone’s elbow. Nice! Finished swim, didn’t notice the time until I looked at my watch after getting wetsuit peeled and figured I was under my goal of 1:15.
SWIM: 1:14:26/1:58 per 100 206AG/1089 OA Goal achieved!

Ran to T1 (no rain, but cloud cover…SWEET!), saw my buddy Gallacher (a friend who drove up Saturday just to be a spectator for Gio and I) appear out of the crowd, (not for the last time…it would be his forte today) “GO KLO!!”, grabbed bag, ran into tent, sat down to put my stuff on…couldn’t figure out what to do first. Was very confused. Put on helmet then sunglasses, which instantly fogged up…so took them off and put them on my wetsuit at my feet. A volunteer (none were there to help athletes…only to collect bags) tripped over my wetsuit and stepped on my sunglasses!! DOH! Luckily, they didn’t break, as I didn’t have a backup pair. Put shoes on, rain jacket, arm warmers, saddle cream in back pocket, slathered my face with sunscreen, sprayed rest of body with Kinesys. put wetsuit in the bag, grabbed sunglasses and ran out of tent to grab bike. Had to go down to get bike off rack, and ran it to bike mount area.
T1: 9:52!!! Room for improvement…


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