Loveland Lake 2 Lake Race Report 2011

Loveland Lake 2 Lake Race Report 2011

Loveland Lake 2 Lake 2011
Now that Dave and I are one to one, this was the rubber match. I went into this race feeling confident that I had a pretty good advantage:
1. It’s a long run from swim to T1
2. The bike is hilly and I’m biking stronger right now than Dave is.
3. My calf is finally feeling better and even on my easy bricks, my times are getting faster.

My only goa going into the swim was to swim straight. Honestly. I started out in the middle and at the front and just swam steady all the way out. I had some feet for a bit, but they slowed up and I went around and tried to find some others, but all I ended up with was swimming through the wave in front of us. I took the last turn a bit wide, but other than that, I think I swam 90% straight. If I can improve on this even 5% for Boulder Peak I’ll be very happy. In Loveland, Dave got me by 1:20 in the swim, and that was 40 seconds less than what he was ahead of me at the Boulder Sunrise race. I biked steady, not hard and never let the lactate build up in my legs. My watts were relatively low at 240, but I was in control and setting myself up for a good run.
Once I was off the bike, I was running easy. Two guys ran away from me out of T2 and I probably dropped a few others rather quickly. I caught site of Dave closer to the turnaround than I thought and I realized I still had to work hard to catch him before the finish. At mile 1 I was through in around 6:35. Mile 2 was around 6:40, and at mile 4 I went through at 26:30. My goal was 26:00, but I just missed that! After mile 4 the wheels came off the train a bit and I struggled in with a couple of 7:15 miles. So, Dave got me again, this time by about 62 seconds. Had I not faltered the last two miles, it looks as though we would have had a sprint finish.
So here we are going into the last race head to head for the season (barring any unforeseen September races) and I am rethinking my strategy. At Sunrise, I biked too hard and had a crap run. At Loveland I biked too easy, had a good run for 4 miles, and fell apart. I think my strategy has two options really:
1. Go hard on the bike and push Dave to do the same so he falters on the run.
2. Lay off the bike and then run my best so I can catch him late on the run.
Both strategies have their merit, but in the end I have to think about which strategy will net me the fastest time possible. Since my calf has been good now for a few weeks, my running has been much better and certainly the Sunrise and Loveland have given me some overall fitness gains. It hasn’t hurt that I’ve dropped closer to my goal of 65kgs either. Once I get to 65kg or under, my run will usually take off – somewhere in the 6:30 or better range off the bike for a 10k, at altitude.
Other considerations are how much I tapered for Loveland vs. my taper for the peak as well. With my main goal of AG Nationals in VT, I won’t be resting up too much for the Peak. So, I have to do some figuring, tinkering, thinking, and counting to come up with a race strategy for the Peak. Let’s hope what I come up with works out better than the last two races!


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