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triathlon training coaches and consultants

One-on-One Coaching

D3 Multisport offers one-on-one triathlon training and coaching for all levels of athletes, from the first time triathlete to those aiming for a coveted spot in Kona! Whether your goal is to achieve better results or a set a new PR, nothing will get your there faster than a custom-tailored plan and regular input from an experienced coach! We’ve got a tremendous staff of USAT certified coaches who currently compete in just about every endurance event out there! Whatever goals you’re taking on this season, if you’re committed to reaching them, D3’s got you covered!

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Pre-Built Plans

Half the battle of being a self-coached athlete is organizing your weekly workouts so you arrive at the start of a race prepared. D3 has taken care of that struggle! Utilizing his twenty three years of coaching experience, D3 Head Coach Mike Ricci has taken his best coaching formulas and crafted a collection of training plans that will help you arrive at the start line of your key event prepared, energized and ready to hit your target goals! These plans are designed for the age group triathlete who juggles a busy life with work, family and other responsibilities, yet wants to be able to incorporate his/her own goals and passion for triathlon on a consistent basis. Mike’s plans have set thousands of athletes up for success, many of who keep coming back for more!

With choices ranging from ability to distance to number-of-weeks-to-the-event, we leave no stone unturned in trying to help you reach your goals.

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Custom Training Plan

If you are looking for a cost-effective, customized training plan with an option for coach feedback when you want it, this is your ticket to training (and race day) success. We do an extensive interview with each athlete, set up a custom plan based on the stated goals, strengths, weaknesses and available training time, and then we let the athlete take it from there!

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Swim Services

If you’re serious about improving your technique and swimming with more confidence, and yes, even faster, our coaching team is ready to meet you at the pool! Even top-tier swimmers have trouble understanding what they’re doing in the water without the feedback of video analysis or from a private lesson. At D3 Multisport we’ve got the tools and trained eye to help you see exactly what you’re doing in the water, and identify what changes will give you the most benefit!

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Have questions related to your training or racing ? Need to dial in your nutrition? What about training with power or HR? In a slump and wonder whether you should push through or if you might be on the verge of overtraining? Wish you could just sit down with an experienced coach and get the answers you need? The coaching staff at D3 is here and ready to help!

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Training Camps and Clinics

We offer two specific opportunities where you will receive hands-on instruction and gain a huge confidence boost in your training and race objectives. The talented D3 Multisport coaching team has one goal – you! With training camps in both Tucson and Boulder, their coaching skills will help you prepare for a season of racing. The camps are timed perfectly! Tucson, in March, is an excellent spring board to clear out your winter training and transition into early season racing. Boulder, in June, is spot-on for athletes racing IM Boulder, or any other fall or early winter, long distance races. Each camp has carefully crafted training sessions complimented with information about race day strategy, pacing, nutrition essentials and more.

Nutrition Consulting

If you’re into endurance events at any level, a sound nutrition & hydration regime is just as important as the right training plan! What you choose to eat and drink and the timing of each can have a direct and profound impact on not only how you feel today , but the quality of your workout two days from now and how well your body holds up over the season! Set up a consultation with D3’s Certified Nutritionist and make sure when you head out the door for for your next workout or race you’re literally fueled for success!

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