D3 Boulder Group Workouts

Regardless of when your next race is…join us and build your fitness. Be ready to RIP IT the next time you race!

D3 Multisport is pleased to offer personalized coaching in a group environment at an affordable rate! Space is limited and all abilities are welcome. Make the best training decision you can for this season and next and e-mail Mike@D3Multisport.com to sign up today.

Summer 2012 Swim Workouts:
Swim sessions are at Elks Pool from 6-7am, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Link to Boulder Elks Swimming Pool

How our swim workouts are different than Masters:

  1. We have small groups and each person gets swim technique attention at EVERY practice.
  2. We ask you to share a lane with 5 people, max.
  3. We spend time at every practice working on swim technique, no matter if you are swimming 1:30 per 100 yards or 2:30 per 100 yards.

We have found that in smaller group settings athletes tend to thrive and that is our intention. Allow you to develop your skills, help you improve your swim form and add speed under the supervision of one of our coaches.

Swim Workout Pricing

A. Group Swim 1 day per week (4 swims per month) – $45 per month
B. Group Swim 2 days per week (8 swims per month) – $67 per month
C. Group Swim 3 days per week (12 swims per month) – $90 per month

*If you’d like to drop in to try out a workout, you can do that at any session. Just drop us a note and let us know. Your first session is free.
Payments can be made by Credit Card, Cash, Check or Paypal.

Quotes from our swimmers

“The group workouts with D3 helped my swim tremendously. I am amazed how much progress I made. Without that coaching I would have made it through the swim but it would have been much slower, more taxing, and the rest of my race would have suffered. Exiting the swim I was not tired at all and realized I could have pushed quite a bit harder. While on the beach I stopped for a second to look at the athletes still in the water – it hit me then that I had finished in a far better time than I would guessed just 3 months ago and I had done it with minimal effort.”
- Steve McVeety, IMCDA 2009, 1:08 swim

“I did want to thank you for helping with my stroke lately. With your tips and some 16000+ yard/weeks, I’ve taken my 1000 yard test from 16:23 to 14:39 in 2 months. Almost 2 minutes!”
- Peter S.

All workouts are written by a Level 3 USAT Coach. We have over 20 years of coaching experience – this isn’t something we do as a part time gig – it’s our profession. We take it seriously and we enjoy helping athletes reach their potential. While we know that there are many coaching options out there, our athletes have proven over and over that our system works. No matter if you are a first time triathlete, if you are trying to lose a few pounds, or if you are trying to make it to the big one in Kona, we have the plan and experience to help you reach your goals!

There is limited space so sign up ASAP – we fill up each session so don’t get left out!

Summer 2012 Run Sessions:
Run sessions are at the Cottonwood Trail head at 6:30am on Tuesday and run from 60-75 minutes. These sessions are FREE to any D3 Athlete. These coached workouts include warm up, drills to improve run form, a main set including intervals, and a cool down.
Link to Cottonwood Trail Map

Having coached endurance athletes for 20 years, I am confident that by taking part in our workouts, you will feel stronger and more race ready than you ever have before.
- Head Coach, Mike Ricci

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