D3 Multisport – One-on-One Coaching Options!

We offer individualized coaching to athletes of all abilities from the first time triathlete to those aiming for the Ironman Hawaii World Championship!

At D3, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to triathlon, looking for a PR, or trying to fine tune your IM fitness. Athletes of all levels can benefit from working one on one with one of our experienced coaches! We’ve been in your shoes, around the block and odds are – even on the race course! We can help you set realistic goals, understand what to expect, overcome obstacles and make adjustments along the way. It’s coaching tailored to your wants and needs — we’re a partner in helping you go The Extra Mile!

D3 offers 3 levels of one on one coaching programs, Silver, Gold and Platinum! While each tier offers unique benefits, all of them include a custom-built training plan, ongoing interaction with a certified coach, D3 gear and exclusive perks and discounts! You’ll get answers to your questions, feedback on workouts, and a coach who’s invested in your progress!

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  • Evaluation of past training
  • Develop future goals specific to the individual athlete
  • Weekly communication via e-mail
  • Basic Athlete Edition TrainingPeaks.com account
  • Workouts are sent in four week blocks
  • Weekly training log review
  • Detailed plan tailored to your needs
  • Race prep taper plan and post race recovery plan
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • Monthly Phone Call
  • D3 Multisport Race Kit is included *small fee for shipping is additional
  • Set-up fee $200



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  • Includes everything in the SILVER Program and the following:
  • Unlimited communication initiated by the athlete via e-mail and weekly phone call.
  • Premium Athlete Edition Training Peaks.com account
  • Workouts are sent in one-to-four week blocks, based on the athletes preference
  • Coach feedback on Key Workouts
  • Course Specific Strategy for upcoming races
  • We recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS and/or Power Meter at this level of coaching
  • D3 Multisport Race Kit is included *small fee for shipping is additional
  • Discount on D3 Multisport Training gear and Sponsors
  • Set-up fee $200



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  • Includes everything in the GOLD Program and the following:
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail, text and phone call initiated by the athlete
  • We recommend a Power Meter, Heart Rate Monitor and/or GPS device at this level of coaching
  • Detailed race plan including pacing, nutrition, Power, and Heart Rate strategy
  • D3 Multisport Race Kit, swim cap and your choice of one hat are included *small fee for shipping is additional
  • Discount on D3 Multisport Training Gear and Sponsors
  • Set-up fee $200



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Please note that the fees listed above are for working with any D3 Assistant Coach. For more info on working with Head Coach Mike Ricci, click here

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