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perfect for the self-coached athlete

D3 Multisport has taken the guess work out of creating your training plan, and provided the perfect alternative to a monthly coaching program. Whether your training time is limited to 4 hours a week or if you have 20 hours a week, these training plans are written with you, the goal-driven athlete, in mind.

With choices ranging from Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Iron Distance, or Run specific plans, our plans set YOU up for success! Don’t forget to set up your online access to take full advantage of all the training tips and tools that D3 offers. Purchase of this plan includes: 1.) ‘Training Terminology’ and our “How to use Intensity” documents. 2.) You’ll also have access to our online videos for swim, bike and run drills. 3.) Complimentary access to the D3 Forum at any time for questions that you may have about this plan. You have direct access to the D3 Coaches to get all of your questions answer.

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Using the talents of Head Coach Mike Ricci, D3 has created a selection of plans for you to choose from that will help you get the results you seek. Athletes following these plans have succeeded again and again. You can too!

  • Training plans are a perfect tool for the self-coached athlete who wants a targeted pre-built plan.
  • If you need a plan that’s a bit more customized we can help you with that! Customized training plans are ideal for the self-coached athlete who would like a little more help with planning out the season or lead up into an important race. We can take a pre-built plan and fit it into your schedule including vacation time, travel days and non-traditional days off. Check out our Quarterly Customized Plans here

Our programs are designed for the age group triathlete who has a busy life with a full time job, a family and / or other responsibilities. Our plans set YOU up for success! We have sold thousands of our plans internationally and many or our athletes are returning customers who keep coming back for more! Our main goal with this plan is to get you to cross the finish line happy and healthy! Years of coaching experience goes into the design of our plans! USA Triathlon Elite Coach Mike Ricci has designed these plans with his twenty years of coaching expertise. Mike has written the training plans for our Age Group World Teams seven times and is the coach of the University of Colorado Triathlon team (the 3 time defending National Champions). In addition Mike is a published author in USA Triathlon’s ‘The Complete Triathlon Guide’. Mike’s passion is getting you to the finish line and having an enjoyable experience along the way and by race day we will have you ready when you toe the line! Purchase of this plan includes our ‘Training Terminology’ and our “How to use Intensity” documents. You’ll also have access to our online videos for run drills. We leave no stone unturned in trying to get you to reach your goals! During the training plan, there is testing every few weeks throughout the program to test your fitness level so you can re-adjust your HR Zones if you train with a HRM. If you don’t train with a HRM, that’s fine as the tests are still good training and you can measure improvement based on time. Most importantly, purchase of this program includes complimentary access to the D3 Forum at any time for questions that you may have about this plan.

Thank you!

A note of thanks to say that I really appreciate your guidance and your plan that helped me achieve my goal in IMTX. I was uncertain about my capacity to complete the race but with your focus on heart rate training it helped me zero in on what I needed to do to make it happen. I can’t describe the pride that I and my family felt when I crossed the finish line. Thanks to you and your team for helping to make this happen. I will always recommend your plans for the personal attention you provided. I wish you continued success in your business and your commitment to helping people achieve their goals.

Mike Fair
D3 Training Plan athlete, 2015

D3 Triathlon University 7 Part Beginner Series.

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