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our goal is to help you swim with more confidence (and get faster)!

Swim Video Analysis

If you’re serious about improving your freestyle technique and swimming faster, there’s no substitute for video analysis. Even top-tier triathletes have trouble understanding what they’re doing in the water without the visual feedback that video provides. Having your technique analyzed by a professional coach is a great way to identify and correct issues with your stroke mechanics. This service is appropriate for triathletes and swimmers of all abilities.

Analysis includes:

  • One hour private swim lesson
  • Drills and instruction to improve your stroke
  • Assessment of your swim video including a breakdown of your stroke using motion analysis software (this means it’s hi-tech and cool!)

$135 for D3 athletes and $150 for non-D3 athletes

Remote Swim Video Analysis:

D3 offers this service if you do not live in the Boulder area. Simply have a friend shoot video of you swimming, upload your video to a private Dropbox folder, and we’ll take it from there! Complete instructions are provided for what’s needed as well as tips for shooting. A GoPro or similar camera is recommended, learn more.

$100 for D3 athletes and $120 for non-D3 athletes

Private Swim Lessons

Whether you’re just starting to swim, you race at the front-of-the-pack, or you are somewhere in between, there’s always room to improve your technique! In our private swim lessons, you will spend an hour with a D3 coach identifying and correcting the limiters in your stroke. The lesson is completely tailored to you. Most triathletes will make big progress during a single session! Whether it sticks depends on how you practice afterward. You’ll receive specific drills and ideas for locking in the changes. Open water sessions are available during the summer. Sessions include lane rental fee and access to the facility.

$65 for D3 athletes and $75 for non-D3 athletes.

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Swim clinics and other swim services are periodically offered.

Dave Sheanin is our go-to coach for these services! He is a USA Swimming and USA Triathlon certified coach, an accomplished triathlete, and he is been an open-water swimmer with years of experience analyzing and improving freestyle technique. His coaching philosophy centers around the idea of perfecting technique before logging lots of yards. The more you practice bad form, the harder it will be to get faster.