Carrie Royed – Training Plan Testimonial

Carrie Royed – Training Plan Testimonial

I purchased my first IM training program from D3 Multisport after lots of research of different training programs. I have done many triathlons over the last 3 years and decided to give an IM a shot. I was weary of how my body would do; having never done a marathon (though over 15 1/2 marathons over the last 10 yrs).
I followed your 20 wk IM program to a T. At the beginning I wondered how my body would ever do the volume, but day after day I ignored the numbers and just went out and did it. I never got injured and actually found the mix up of workouts enjoyable. The varying workout schedule kept me from feeling stale.

My body felt horrible during the taper, but I trusted it and felt 110% on race day. I completed my first IM beating all my goals for swim, bike and run at 11:51 and 6th in my AG 25-29. I recovered extremely well. My body feels great; no injuries.

I have highly recommended your programs to many of my tri friends and look forward to a good 2010 season.

Thank you!!
Carrie Royed
-Los Alamitos, California.


D3 Triathlon University 7 Part Beginner Series.

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