Brent – Ironman Canada Testimonial for D3 Custom Training Plans

Brent – Ironman Canada Testimonial for D3 Custom Training Plans


Well, I made it through Ironman Canada on Sunday, and managed to meet all my goals. You may recall I had set a time goal of 11 hours for my first IM, and I managed a 10:48, so was pretty happy with that. I did a 1:02 in the swim, 5:27 on the bike and 4:13 for the run. I was hoping for a bit faster run, but the heat got to me a bit (despite my best efforts to keep hydrated and refuel, I still ended up needing an IV after I finished — at least I wasn’t alone).

Thanks again for setting up the training plan. While I didn’t follow it religiously, I did try to keep pretty close to the amounts of time and distances that the plan indicated. I think it served me well, as I felt pretty good about my swim time (I was aiming for 1:00) and great about my bike time (I was aiming for 5:45 or so). I was hoping to do a 4:00 marathon, and held that pace for the first half (averaging about 9 minute miles), but fell off a bit over the second half. I basically refused to walk (other than through the aid stations when I was refueling) as I was pretty sure that if I did start walking I probably wouldn’t be able to convince myself to start running again. The last 10 miles or so was pretty much mind over matter as I hardly had anything left in the tank.

Anyway, I was happy with the result overall. This may end up being my only ironman, but I am definitely going to keep doing triathlons, probably focusing on half IM and perhaps some of the Xterra, offroad triathlons in the future.

I am very comfortable endorsing the training plan for anyone who is self-motivated and needs some structure and guidance to get them there. I also think you did a great job of customizing it to meet my needs (emphasizing the run early on in training, and carving “mini tapers” for the other two events I did leading up to the IM). And given how much I’ve ended up spending on equipment, race entry fees, etc., the cost of the training plan was truly a bargain considering what I got out of it.



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