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Coached by Dave Sheanin, USA Triathlon Certified Coach

When consistently tip-toeing on the line of a goal, how long until you throw up your hands in frustration and utter those “unspeakable” words ‘it can’t be done…”?

A story of goal setting, flirting with goal achievement, new challenges, injury and set backs. Matt Buongiorno has had a taste of it all.

Check out Matt’s inspirational story and his Q & A describing his season’s journey and looking to next year.

Athletes who are coached 1-to-1, follow a Custom Training Plan or use one of our Pre-Built Training Plans are considered members of Team D3. They share in the camaraderie and benefits of a diverse, passionate group of athletes. Team D3 athletes range in ability from beginner to elite, and they train in home towns that span between Canton of Vaud, Switzerland – New York City – Boulder, Colorado – and – San Diego, California. Beyond our coaching, we use a mix of technology, events, and of course, racing to bring athletes together. We recognize and celebrate our Team throughout this page.

Overcoming and Powering On

Athlete Spotlight
Don Wilson

Don is coached by Alison Freeman and his 2019 “A” race is Ironman Louisville. Don’s history is filled with medical drama from obesity and Crone’s Disease, to 9 major surgeries, but when I asked him to describe himself, he said “I used to think I was destined to wallow through life and just accept the criticism of being obese and someone who never completed anything in sports (I quit a lot as a kid). After 49 years of people (friends, co-workers, and family) telling me what I ‘couldn’t do, shouldn’t do, and don’t deserve to do!’ I stopped listening to them. I became an Ironman at the age of 54 at Ironman Wisconsin. Quit and give up are not in my vocabulary.” Don, you’re an amazing Ironman!

Living for the Team

Athlete Spotlight
Kasey Burcham

Kasey is coached by Julie Dunkle, and according to her, she loves anything that involves her #D3 teammates! She describes herself as loud and enthusiastic, but has overcome so much: “Drug addiction, obesity, heart condition, knee collapse and having plates and screws put in the shin to just be able to walk, and the constant struggle with depression and anxiety. To get to this point in my life has taken me 15 years and I just want to keep going until I cross that line and hear my name!” Kasey, we hear you – You are a great team member and athlete!

Consistently Showing Up

Athlete Spotlight
Lionell Phillips

Lionell is a Training Plan athlete, utilizing the Ironman 70.3 Victoria
plan. He says “I started triathlons in 2017 by going from working out to stay somewhat healthy to completing Ironman 70.3 Ohio in six months. I am not the prototypical triathlete but I have a mentality that I will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. I just enjoy the challenge of persevering through the trials and tribulations of a triathlon till the finish.” Lionell, despite your work travel schedule, you are showing up and stepping up!


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