Featured Team D3 Athlete


Coached by Jim Hallberg, USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Hunter Saunders leads with a phenomenal ATTITUDE – every day!
Hunter’s introduction to triathlon was as a sherpa for Ironman Louisville. And it was a night that changed his life. He shared, “the attitude, camaraderie, and pure emotion (not to mention the noise) fellow competitors and pros poured into bringing all those dreams across the finish line was all it took. I decided right then I needed to be a part of this sport and community for the rest of my life.”

Athletes who are coached 1-to-1, follow a Custom Training Plan, or use one of our Pre-Built Training Plans are considered members of Team D3.  Athletes can become part of the Team at any time through our coaching services.  These athletes experience the double power of coaching and camaraderie.  Once a year, in the fall, we publicly invite athletes who are not currently coached through D3 to join Team D3 with the understanding that they will support the Team the following year. 

Team D3 athletes embrace our coaching principles of Desire, Determination and Discipline and are great ambassadors of triathlon.  They also share in the camaraderie and benefits of a diverse, passionate group of athletes. Team D3 athletes range in ability from beginner to elite, and they train in home towns that span between Boulder – New York City – San Diego – Costa Rica – Dubai – and so many places in between!  With an incredible 19 years of triathlon coaching and team management expertise, we use a mix of technology, social media, events, partners and of course, racing to bring athletes together – no matter where they live. 

Take a peak at our Team!

Kim F.

Hand made awards for her self-designed, self-supported Summer Solstice Challenge with friends on Lake Natoma in Sacramento County. I edited this one

Laura S.

Shared that her why is “I love to compete and feel healthy. Training strengthens my mind for what life throws my way and prepares me. I do it to be healthy so I can live a full life with my kids and watch them grow.”

Todd S.

shared his why, “because it’s ingrained in who I am. Because I feel better being fit. Because I’m hoping we get to race again this year. Because I have two races still on the schedule that haven’t been canceled. Because I try to be a role model to my kids. Because I’m getting older and am afraid I’ll slow down. Because I’m afraid racing will return and I won’t be ready. Because I love having my body in motion. Because it keeps me sane.”