Featured Team D3 Athlete

Jeff Krebs

Coached by Julie Dunkle, USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Like so many of us, Jeff had a ‘really nice race schedule planned for this year’. He was on track to get his last required Major Marathon of the World to get his 6-Star commendation. Then, Covid-19 descended and this retired physician returned to work! We asked him to share his perspective about his calling for medicine and his love of triathlon. You will appreciate his Q&A including this little nugget, “continue to train.”

Athletes who are coached 1-to-1, follow a Custom Training Plan, or use one of our Pre-Built Training Plans are considered members of Team D3.  Athletes can become part of the Team at any time through our coaching services.  These athletes experience the double power of coaching and camaraderie.  Once a year, in the fall, we publicly invite athletes who are not currently coached through D3 to join Team D3 with the understanding that they will support the Team the following year. 

Team D3 athletes embrace our coaching principles of Desire, Determination and Discipline and are great ambassadors of triathlon.  They also share in the camaraderie and benefits of a diverse, passionate group of athletes. Team D3 athletes range in ability from beginner to elite, and they train in home towns that span between Boulder – New York City – San Diego – Costa Rica – Dubai – and so many places in between!  With an incredible 19 years of triathlon coaching and team management expertise, we use a mix of technology, social media, events, partners and of course, racing to bring athletes together – no matter where they live. 

Take a peak at our Team!



Course recon. for these Team D3 athletes and then lunch after.

Fall racing

Enjoying the post-race fun

Ocktoberfest racing in CO! 

Racing in lubbock

rockn’ the kit

Duane R. was racing strong at the 70.3.