The 4 goals of recovery nutrition include:

  1. Restore fluid and electrolytes (sodium and potassium) lost in sweat; weigh before and after exercise and replenish what was lost
  2. Replace muscle fuel (carbohydrate) utilized during practice, some people need more fat and smaller amounts of carbohydrates and some need more. Get to know your body
  3. Provide protein to aid in repair of damaged muscle tissue and to stimulate development of new tissue
  4. Begin nutrition recovery with a snack or meal within 15-60 minutes following practice or competition

Following are recommendations for fluids, snacks and meals that will help you achieve the four goals of recovery nutrition.

Rehydration Fluids

  • Electrolyte drinks or tablets:  Nuun, Skratch, Gatorade, etc.  These vary quite a lot and it is important to test and learn which types work best for you in training and in general

Recovery Snack Ideas

  • Smoothie with almond milk, protein powder, berries, and greens
  • Kind “Strong” bar or Macro bar with protein
  • Banana and nut butter
  • Plain Greek yogurt with berries

Recovery Meal Ideas

  • Wrap with veggies and turkey
  • Rice, beans, avocado, veggies, salsa
  • Stir Fry grass-fed meat, broccoli, peppers, carrots, and quinoa in avocado or grapeseed oil 

Megan Forbes has over 14 years of experience in the nutrition field and has adapted to all of its changes with research and education. She is passionate about learning what is best for each person and focuses on finding the root cause of problems.

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