How do I balance training with crazy work schedule?
Good question because I really don’t know sometimes, but I think it comes down to when you really enjoy doing something and love what you reap from it, you find a way.

What motivates me to continue to train and race?I love to challenge myself mentally and physically and in my opinion nothing does that better then triathlons. I love to train because it keeps me well balanced in my everyday life, and when it comes to racing it makes me push that much harder and I look at it as a great way to get an intense workout.

How long have I been an athlete? How long a triathlete?I have been involved in athletics of some sort since I was approximately 10ys old, It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As for Tri’s I first got involved in them in my late 20’s and competed for about 4 years. I left the sport for quite awhile but still did a lot of recreational running and lifting. I got back into the sport when I retired from my Law Enforcement carrier in 2005, and have being doing it ever since.

Which of the three legs is my most challenging?The run is always the hardest for me. My favorite/hardest workout is a trail run I do that is approximately 9.5 miles at a place here in Phoenix called South Mountain. It’s a trail called the ridge line and it’s very hilly and challenging, and the first 45 minutes you feel like your heart is going to explode and your quads are on fire, but after that you start a gradual down hill for the most part and you just feel incredibly good.

What music motivates you?I love all kinds of music so it really depends on the intensity of the workout, and my mood.

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