D3: Who is your coach and how long have you been working with him/her? 
SU:My coach is Mark Dillard and I’ve been working with him for a little over one year.

D3: How do you balance your training with everything else; family, relationship, work,etc?SU:This is tricky sometimes as I am a single mother and work full-time. I travel two weeks per quarter as well. It’s great being able to use Training Peaks – all I have to do is look up my schedule for the week and fit it in my day. Now that my son is almost 12 it makes training easier. I’m able to work out while he’s at his various practices (lacrosse, wrestling, snowboarding – depending on the season). He can ride his bike for 20 miles now and will frequently ride his bike while I run – which is nice because he can carry water and be the Sherpa, haha.

D3: What does a typical training week look like for you?
SU:Usually it’s about 8-10 hours per week. I’ve been working on swimming lately as that is not my strength – but I’m getting better!! Starting to do longer bricks too. I’ll usually run at lunch then do the bike and swims after work.

D3: What keeps you motivated on tough training days?SU:Three things really 1.The races are huge motivators for me. I can’t wait for the 70.3 sticker to put on my car! 2. My son is really my main motivation in life. I love that he sees me being active and he likes riding his bike – he did his first road bike circuit race last summer. 3. Coach Mark always has the right things to say to help me stay positive and keep realistic goals, especially when things don’t go according to plan like injuries and such.

D3: What is one of your favorite workouts?SU:Long bike rides in the foothills or long runs in the mountains are my favorite workouts. I love getting out of the city and being in nature surrounded by nothing but beautiful Colorado, the occasional half-eaten deer leg, and my friends who push me to the next level.

D3: What do you do to reward yourself after a tough workout?SU:I love wine. Really good wine. And ice-cream. Did I mention wine?

D3: Favorite distance to race and what is your best race to date?SU:My favorite distance to race is a half marathon. It’s long enough to be a challenge, but short enough for me to race – not just finish as I sometimes feel with marathons. I PR’d with Mark’s help last month at the Platte River Half in Denver. However, I just finished my first Olympic distance triathlon in Memphis and I’m addicted. I need to work on transitions and swimming but the announcer at the race joked that all of us first-timers will PR – so that’s what I’m telling people. 2:54:41.

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