Workout #1

by Coach Jim Hallberg
For a winter time bike trainer workout, que up a good movie or Tour de France video, or anything else that gets you going for 2 hrs and follow this:
Start with a 20 minute spin in Z 1-2.
Hop off the bike and do 3 sets of 10 reps of 1 arm and 1 leg exercises. (example:  alternate between squats and bench press, or reverse lunges with weights and push ups).
Once the 3×10′s are done, hop back on the bike.
20 minutes either in Z 3, or 5 minute hill climb simulations on the trainer.  Cadence 70-80rpms @ 85% FTP or Z 3 with 3 minute spin in between. Repeat until 20 minutes is up.
Hop off and choose 2 NEW exercises 3 sets of 10 reps.  (example:  alternate between weighted fast switch leg step ups and pull ups).
Back on the bike for another 20 minutes, this time every 5 minutes build the intensity. From Z 2-4, not going above 100%FTP, but ending with the last 5 minutes at 100% FTP; or just simple gear change while maintaining  the same effort.
Hop back off the bike for another set of arm and leg exercises. (example:  hamstring curls or straight leg dead lifts to engage glutes and hamstring, and dips off a chair or bench).
Hop back on the bike, 20 minutes in Z 3.
Then cool down!
Workout #2
by Coach Brad Seng
For a run workout, try the Mona Fartlek (named after Steve Moneghetti, Australian Olympian)
WU: 15-20’ with several strides at the end
MS: 2 x (90’’ fast/90’’ easy). 4 x (60’’ fast/60’’ easy). 4 x (30’’ fast/30’’ easy). 4 x (15’’ fast/15’’ easy).
CD: easy 10-20’ jogging

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