About 90% of new athletes train in the No Benefit Zone (NBZ), and that wastes precious training time! You can avoid the NBZ by using devices that give you insight into your body’s performance.

We recognize that training by feel and pace are still integral measurements. Beginners, however, have not fully developed their sense of effort yet, and often have trouble distinguishing between hard workouts and recovery workouts without the aid of a training device.

If you want to maximize your training time and get the most of your own ability, you have to watch this video! It’s a crucial step in your training because you need to understand the principles that will help you achieve your goals!

In this video, Coach Mike Ricci will teach you how to use these devices to your advantage.

Let’s get your heart pumping!  Watch the video above.


This is the final video! As we opened this series saying, learning from others is a key way to continue growing in this sport. 

We invite you to continue learning from our coaching team.

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