AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

"It never gets any easier, you just get faster."

- Greg Lemond

AJ Johnson D3 Multisport Coach

AJ Johnson

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

One of the things I love about coaching is that no two athletes are the same – even when their goals are. I view each person that I work with as a puzzle with unique abilities, motivators, lifestyle and potential. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping someone incorporate the individual pieces to get the results they looking for – because when it all comes together, it’s amazing!

As an athlete, I’ve raced in a wide variety of endurance events and I understand the determination it takes to reach a long sought after goal and the sacrifices involved. I strive to utilize that experience in my coaching, helping others simplify the process and choose the most effective route to get where they’re going.

I believe that the foundation of a great coach/athlete relationship is mutual agreement on a few core principles: the setting of realistic expectations and goals, honest and open communication and trust. Once we establish that base, I don’t follow a specific template. I tailor each plan to the individual and make adjustments along the way.

Over the 10+ years that I have been coaching, my style has evolved into a mix of the traditional and the unorthodox. I’ve found that the tried and true training methods have great applications in a number of instances, but there are just as many situations that call for thinking outside the box. My aim is to figure out not just what works well for someone, but what works best!

Affiliates and Certifications

  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach
  • Training Peaks Level II Certified Coach

Training Specialties

  • Cycling
  • Power Analysis
  • Ironman Hawaii Broadcast Live Feed
  • Athletes looking to qualify for Kona

Career Highlights

  • Coach to Pete Jacobs 2016 (2012 Ironman Hawaii winner)
  • Coaching athletes from very first triathlon to first IRONMAN to Kona Qualifiers to IRONMAN World Champion
  • 3 Time Kona Qualifier as an age grouper
  • Top 10 in 25-29 Age Group in Kona 2006
  • 2 years as a professional triathlete