Julie Dunkle


“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn’t.”


Julie Dunkle


In triathlon, I believe that each of us has a reservoir of untapped potential. Dreams that seem out of reach can turn into realistic goals once we have the courage to ask “What if I…?” That’s the part of coaching I enjoy the most: helping people explore the possibilities, push past their perceived limits and make great things happen!

Triathlon may be a hobby, but unlike other, more leisurely pursuits, you can’t go after it with a casual or “part-time” mindset and expect to be successful. Whether you aim to make it to Kona, or go after a PR, to get to that next level you owe it to yourself to be all in! Be a student of the sport: ask questions, apply what you learn and the results will follow! This isn’t just advice that I give to my athletes, it’s also the basis for the way I coach.

From my perspective, the true art of coaching is taking the time to really understand the athletes I work with and being engaged with them. The more I know about your lifestyle and how you operate day to day, the better I can guide you. Communicating well and often helps me optimize your training plan. Understanding what’s new or different in your week, and how it affects you, enables me to make appropriate adjustments. Helping you reach your goals IS my goal, and when I sign on to coach, I’m all in too!

Yes, triathlon is a hobby but it is also so much more. It’s a quest that usually starts out with one particular goal in mind, yet has a way of taking you down paths you never imagined – and that’s where the true enjoyment lies! I encourage you to keep exploring, refuse to settle, and enjoy the journey! I’ll be right there with you!


  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach
  • US Masters Swim Certified Coach
  • Newton Natural Running Certified Coach


  • Motivated 70.3 and 140.6 athletes who are goal oriented and looking to step up their game
  • Athletes who are seeking a world championship qualification and want a coach who understands the commitment and extra % it takes to get there
  • You may not be on the podium but you are driven and committed and looking to improve year over year


  • Coached over 50 Ironman athletes across the finish line
  • Coached athletes to 70.3 World Championships and Kona
  • Coached 6 athletes to their first-time podium positions in 2018
  • Personally qualified for the Ironman World Championships 6 times