Leigh Dodd

Leigh Dodd

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

"Hard work beats talent when talent quits working hard."

- Tim Notke

Leigh Dodd D3 Multisport Coach

Leigh Dodd

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Passion and drive will take you a long way in triathlon! Put those qualities to work within the context of a structured plan and you’re off to a great start. Add in relaxation on a regular basis and there will be no stopping you! It may seem counter intuitive at first, but planning time for both quality training and quality downtime is the key to great results!

As gratifying as it is to conquer a challenging workout, triathlon is about so much more than how a swim, bike or run comes together on a given day. My goal is to help an athlete establish a common thread of consistency and progress over a given period of time. Certainly in terms of speed, strength and power, but also in the development of a healthy mindset and the ability to let go and truly relax.

To get the most out of this sport you’ve got to do the work, but more isn’t always better. Working with a qualified coach can help by defining when it’s appropriate to push harder and when the answer is to hold back. They should also be able to identify when non-training related activities just might be the missing link to reaching your objectives. Just as proper rest and recovery allows the body to repair and rebuild, ‘zoning out’ can help you stay mentally fit, open to absorbing new information and fully prepared to tackle your next workout or race!

Affiliates and Certifications

  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach Level 1
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach

Training Specialties

  • Swimming
  • Swimmers turned triathletes (or the issues of attempting to turn yourself into a land mammal)
  • Beginners
  • Coaching the 'younger' end of the age group continum (under 30!)

Career Highlights

  • Proud Coach of the National Collegiate Club Champions - The University of Colorado Buffaloes (7 in a row!)
  • Coach to multiple USAT AG National Champion Qualifiers
  • Personally qualified for USAT World Team 2015