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Welcome to D3 Multisport

Welcome to *D3 Multisport*

Based in Boulder, CO, and coaching triathletes all over the world, our coaches create focused, effective programs that take the guesswork out of your training. We coach athletes of all abilities and understand that every athlete has different goals, however, having the desire, determination, and discipline to be your best are the common threads that tie D3 athletes together. Explore our website, ask us questions - we love to talk triathlon.

Our Story
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Jeff Brueggeman

"Crazy Improvement"

I've been following the 16 week intermediate HR plan for an Xterra race in May (USAT National off road championship). Each workout may be challenging, but it is achievable and I'm seeing results. For instance, my T-Pace went from a 1:41/100yards (measured at 500yards) to 1:35/100yards (measured at 1000 yards) in the course of two weeks. I've always been a good swimmer, but that's some crazy improvement! Most of my bike training has been done on the trainer thanks to the crap Missouri weather, but I was able to get a recent 2 hour planned ride in on the mountain bike and the feeling was measurably different. I went with your plan for two reasons- first I didn't want to suffer so much like I've done in previous Xterra races. Second, I've always hit a nutrition and energy limit around the 2:20 mark. I'm confident I'll arrive at the starting line in excellent condition for the race, and I have new confidence that this training will help with my energy limit that has held me back in the past. Thank you for the training plan!

Jeff Brueggeman, D3 Training Plan User
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Nicole Holmes

"Perfectly Prepared"

I feel great! Anyone who asks about my Ironman has heard me tell them that I felt that my coach perfectly prepared me to finish feeling good and smilin'!

Nicole Holmes, 1-to-1 Coached Athlete, Ironman Wisconsin Finisher '14
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Carrie Shephard

"Training Plan Success"

Just wanted to thank you D3 and Coach Mike Ricci for putting together solid and reliable training plans at an affordable price on Training Peaks. I'm a recreational triathlete who took a few years off from exercise due to medical and personal issues. I started last May using one of your sprint triathlon plans in TP, and worked my way up to completing my first Ironman this past weekend. Most importantly, I completed all my events and training with ZERO injuries, which is a first for me. Just can't praise your plans enough for getting the job done in a smart and safe way - even for someone coming back from so far away from being fit. Thanks!

Carrie Shephard, D3 Training Plan User
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Katie O'Brien

"Dizzy to Finisher"

On the day of the event, my coach showed up on the bike path, on his bike. He rode along side me for a while, and I was so happy. Seeing him and hearing his voice refreshed me. He kept telling me how good I looked and how strong I was. That made me feel even better and gave me the one special rare place I found only twice on this day. The first was that I had a determination that nothing would stop me from finishing the race. The other time this came was on the swim. I was sick and dizzy, and afraid I would not make the cut-off. Then I decided not today. Today I'm going to be an Ironman! So yes I did this, but if I do not have proper direction I cannot go in the right direction - to the finish. My coach gave me part of this incredible gift - An IRONMAN FINISHER! Please acknowledge him for his hard work. For you, Mike, and D3 this makes you an elite coaching group in my eyes. I am planning to recommend anyone who asks me how I did it to you. An OUTSTANDING group!

Katie O'Brien, 1-to-1 Coached Athlete, Ironman Boulder '15
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Jeff Yeager

"Elevated My Game"

I've never had a better race. I felt great all the way through it. My nutrition plan worked perfect and the wattage on the bike was just an awesome thing to have. Overall I beat my last half time by over an hour. I think 1 hour and 5 min. to be exact. I finished 24/110 age group starters and 112/1000 starters. Your coaching has definitely elevated my game and should put me in a great position for the Steelhead half in 3 weeks. D3!

Jeff Yeager, Satisfied Custom Training Plan Athlete, Steelhead 70.3 '14, Ironman Boulder '15
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Jon Vermillion

"Trusted my Training"

I was totally impressed with my D3 Multisport coaching team and Coach Mike. My personalized training program was custom tailored for my needs and issues. I was able to work through some minor injuries and impediments. My coach was very knowledgeable about the workout routines and optimizing my training time while allowing for recovery. It was nice to get my weekly workouts based on last week’s efforts and goals. The tools and tips available on the D3 website were invaluable. I received excellent feedback about my progress and condition. I felt like I was well prepared for my race. On the day of my Ironman I just relaxed and enjoyed the day. I trusted in my training to get me through the day. We had practiced hydration and nutrition and that ended up being a key factor on a hot day. Thanks D3 for all of your help, everyone thinks I’m a badass!

Jon Vermillion, 1-to-1 Coached Athlete, Ironman Boulder '14
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Joanie Anderson

"I am an Ironman finisher"

I wanted to say thank you for calling me last New Years Eve. You may not remember that call, but I do. You freely and openly gave me advice about my bike, and IMLP, and answered my questions. I also need to thank you for matching me up with my coach. He has been a great coach; supportive, answered my questions and always replied to my emails quickly. I am officially an Ironman finisher! It was a tall order to fill. There were definitely days when we both questioned how this journey would end. Its been almost 2 weeks now and I still have a giant grin on my face, and I'm still replaying the video of Mike Reilly calling my name at the finish line.

Joanie Anderson, 1-to-1 Coached Athlete, Ironman Lake Placid '15
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Kathleen Steffe

"Thank you!"

Mike, thank you for offering the Custom Plans for athletes with monthly feedback! I have used D3Multisport training plans in the past, one-on-one services, plus a few online plans to help jump start my cycling season. Having had great success with Mike's plans in the past, I knew I would call upon him once again when I decided to do my first Ironman. I didn't need a lot of hand holding but did need guidance and direction as well as a plan I could trust. It's hard enough training for an Ironman and I didn't need more stress figuring out a plan or second guessing what I was doing each week. And, it always helps to have a little accountability to someone besides yourself to get you moving when it's snowy, cold, windy etc. like it was in Colorado during my training. The plan was perfect, not too much that I got burned out, not too hard that I got injured, good variety, and good steady increase in the volume. I'm proud to say that not only did I survive one of the most difficult races at IMSG but, walked away with a 2nd place in my AG. Even happier that I didn't do damage to my body, didn't need the med tent and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face! Thank you, D3Multiport, for helping me achieve my goals and have a great Ironman experience.

Kathleen Steffe, 2nd AG IMUT, Fastest Overall Amateur Swim '12
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Audra Kammerer

"All the Training Paid Off"

I have learned a great deal about myself in working with Mike. He has kept me realistic in my goal setting while remaining supportive and positive. He has also required me to push my body beyond limits I never knew existed for me, mentally and physically. The training alone for Ironman Florida has been one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have ever tackled. As a result, on the morning of Nov. 10th when I dipped my toes into the cool, salty water of the Gulf of Mexico I felt relaxed and composed. I was looking forward to the day ahead and felt prepared. All of the training paid off with a 1:05 swim/5:36 bike/ 4:01 run and total time of 10:53:21. That was about 20 min. faster than I expected and was a performance that made me proud! Thanks, Mike.

Audra Kammerer, 1-to-1 Coached Athlete, Ironman Hawaii Qualifier and Finisher '02
D3 Multisport Testimonial from Mark Overby


I wanted to just send you a quick note and rave to you about what a wonderful coach Martina has been, and continues to be. I really appreciate the match that you made in placing me with her. She has phenomenal understanding of the sport, is an excellent coach especially given the injuries and surgery I'm battling back from. I haven't felt this motivated in a long time. She's great about adapting to what I can do right now and I feel like she has put me on the right schedule and plan to hit the 70.3 this year and work towards a full next year. She's a wonderful coach you have and I wanted to let you know how great she is and how much I appreciate her talent and capability!

Mark Overby, 1-to-1 Coached D3 Athlete

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