With the racing season wrapping up for many of us in the Northern hemisphere, it is an excellent time to increase our knowledge and catch up on our reading. I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite prehab and strength and conditioning book recommendations. Many of us will aim to get stronger and work on movement patterns during the winter months. This list will give you an excellent starting point or add to your current knowledge. I want to hear back from you and your favorite books on racing and training. Train hard and train smart and have a great winter.

Becoming a Supple Leopard, by Dr. Kelly Starrett with Glen Cordozza

Ready to Run, by Dr. Kelly Starrett with T.J. Murphy

New Functional Training for Sports, by Michael Boyle

Functional Training, by Juan Carlos Santana

Born to Walk Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement, by James Earls

Movement, Functional Movement Systems, by Gray Cook

Athletic Body in Balance, by Gray Cook

Olympic Weightlifting, By Greg Everett

Starting Strength, By Mark Rippetoe

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