Off-season and early base training is an excellent time to mix things up a bit with your training while focusing on proper form/technique and muscular endurance. One of my favorite run sessions to do this time of year is a strength-based session with varied patterns of movement.

Hill Mixer
Total duration: 45-60’
1. Activation exercises to engage muscle groups: 6-8 total reps of knee hugs, lateral lunges, backward lunge w/twist, body squats, etc.
2. Warm-up: 15’ easy jogging building pace to top of z2 HR/RPE 3-5. 4×20’’ strides to get HR elevated with some light stretching.
3. Main set: 3-5×3’ continuous of the following circuit on a short hill (20 meters) with modest incline. Effort on these bouts is MODERATE/RPE 4-7. Recovery is 90’’ walking around, shaking out the legs, light stretching. Grass or dirt trail are ideal. For each consecutive 3’ round, start with the next movement. Focus on quick feet, being “springy” and maintaining good posture. Keep hips & torso square with the lateral movements!
+ Bound up/easy jog down
+ Run backwards up/easy jog down
+ Lateral shuffle with left leg leading up/easy jog down
+ Lateral shuffle with right leg up/easy jog down
+ Run up/easy jog down
4. Cool down: easy jogging for remainder of time
Coach Brad says, “Happy Training!”. He knows that getting to the next level in triathlon is often a matter of knowing when to push limits and when to pull back. A breakthrough can also be as simple as working on your mindset, fueling your success with sound mental strategies! He hascoached a wide variety of athletes over the past 10 years and I can tell you this: while there’s no substitue for consistent training and proper nutrition, a strong fitness base is just one part of the equation!

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