A run workout by Coach Jim Hallberg

The following workout series will push and bump-up the threshold for your running.  I personally found it to be a fun and challenging series of workouts, yet improved my main season race performances.  This is workout is appropriate for April or May, after you‚Äôve done a few track sessions.
I take a PR time from the last 12 months (5k-10k distance or longer) and plug it into the Mcmillan running calculator. This calculator predicts your personal bests for every distance. These are single workouts, done once a week, and they progress over a four week period.
Week 1: Easy 20+ minute slow warm up, drills and stretch, 4√ó200 build ups.  Then, 1 mile all out to meet or beat my McMillan time. Possibly adding 4√ó400 after for a good recovery from the previous effort.
Week 2: Repeat warm up as above, this time 2k (5 laps) all out to meet or beat McMillan time.
week 3: Repeat warm up as above, this time 2 mile (3200meter – 8 laps on the track ) to meet or beat my best time.
Week 4: Repeat  warm up as above, this time choice of either 3 mile or 5k as predicted.
This workout teaches you what efforts you should be maintaining on the track. For example, if your workouts are 400‚Ä≤s, it is a good idea to do them at mile race pace.  If you want to get a new 5k PR, you have to run faster than 5k race pace for SHORT distances.  If your running 800‚Ä≤s or 1k‚Äôs, they should be done at 2 mile best efforts race pace. This is assuming your goal race is 5k-10k pr‚Äôs or off the bike pr‚Äôs.
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