Getting ready for 2021


‘Train-to-Train’ may very well be the most important phrase you will come to understand as you learn to train the correct way – no matter what your ability or A race is. D3 Founder and Head Coach Mike Ricci explains

USAT Coach of the Year Mike Ricci is unlocking his secrets and sharing them with athletes who are ready to do this essential training in order to have their best A race in 2021.  And we know that includes you!

Using his 30 years of coaching experience he has carefully designed these plans and you will gain confidence knowing that you are doing the correct training, eliminating weaknesses, building on strengths, and making the most of your training with time-efficient workouts all leading toward your race-specific training.

train-to-train = your success

Follow one of our four Train-toTrain 20-week tracks, do this essential training and you will …