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The heart and soul of how we work with triathletes.

Whether you are striving to complete your first triathlon, race a new distance, earn a podium spot, qualify for Age Group Nationals or World Championship races, our passionate coaches are invested in your finish line! Regardless of where you live, we are able to provide you with the coaching and support you need to achieve your goals.





Two coaching options with our USAT Certified Coaches. We have helped athletes successfully cross the finish-line for over 17 years.

platinum with coach mike


An opportunity to work with USAT Level III Certified Coach Mike Ricci. Mike is the Head Coach for D3 Multisport and has been helping endurance athletes achieve their goals for over 30 years. You can expect unparalleled service and access to him through unlimited email, phone and text communication. Mike was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year and is a coaching champion in your corner!



Our most popular coaching option with unlimited email, phone calls, and text communication with your coach! Emphasis on heart rate and power analysis of each key workout, race planning and post race reviews.



This is a great coaching option for athletes who would like to work 1-to-1 with a coach and have regular feedback and monthly adjustments to their plan. This level includes race planning and post race reviews.

COST $700 / monthRates are Monthly. $355 / monthRates are Monthly. $195 / monthRates are Monthly.
set-up fee $225 $225 $225
annual pricing discount 10% discount 10% discount 5% discount
INITIAL GOAL PLANNING AND ORIENTATION CALL yesReview last year and prepare for the coming season. yesReview last year and prepare for the coming season. YESReview last year and prepare for the coming season.
TRAINING LOG REVIEW VIA PHONE CALL unlimited unlimited 1x/month / M-F / 9-5MT
coach email communication unlimitedAs often as needed. unlimited M-F 9-5MT
coach text communication unlimitedAs often as needed. unlimited NO
training plan adjustments unlimitedAs often as needed. unlimited 1x / month
RESPONSE TIME Same Day Same Day Less than 24 hours
AVAILABLE COACHES Mike All George, BillSimon, Brad
team d3 race kit yesDuring your first year with D3, a race kit is included (i.e. a race top and bottom). In addition, 1 piece kits,  hats and cycling gear are available. yesDuring your first year with D3, a race kit is included (i.e. a race top and bottom). In addition, 1 piece kits,  hats and cycling gear are available. yesDuring your first year with D3, a race kit is included (i.e. a race top and bottom). In addition, 1 piece kits,  hats and cycling gear are available.
free basic swim video analysis yes – included yes – included yes – included
race day fueling plan included D3 Price D3 Price
access to d3 specialty coaches D3 Price D3 Price D3 Price
a-race mental skills consulTation Yes D3 Price D3 Price
team d3 sponsor discounts Yes Yes Yes
local workouts (boulder, co) free YES (ADDITIONAL FEES) YES (ADDITIONAL FEES)
Minimum Commitment 1 year 6 months 6 months



Training Review Consult

A consultation with a D3 coach can take the guesswork out of your training. Whether you are self-coached or following a D3 pre-built training plan, connecting with a coach can help you understand if you are doing everything correctly.  Consultations may include how to read a power file, how to schedule your key sessions in any given week or just give you an idea of how much you should be progressing as the season goes on. We have a team of USAT Certified Coaches coaches who are experts on everything triathlon – let us help you! 


  • Learning how to read your heart rate or power files
  • Setting up a sustainable training week that works with a busy schedule
  • Interpreting a power file from a race to understand what exactly happened
  • Understanding how to set up your season and where to plug in your key races, vacation time, and lower priority races

Cost is $45 per 30 minutes.

This level of service is either included in or discounted for D3 coached athletes depending on the level of coaching.


Race Plan Consult

You’ve been training for months and finally, your big day (your “A Race”) is approaching, and it’s causing some tension.  Yes, there is a lot to think about in terms of race pacing, your nutrition plan, equipment choices, and other variables that can set you up for a successful day, and yes, it can get confusing or overwhelming.  Our USAT Certified Coaches can help you create a race day plan that will dissolve your pre-race stress and set you up for success. 

This is How We Can Help: 

  • You will receive a ‘Race Plan’ template to complete prior to the consultation.  You can use it for any future races.
  • Race Plans are your roadmap that starts with the time your alarm goes off on race day through your choice of recovery protocols after you cross the finish line.
  • We will review your training data and “Race Plan” before your consultation and prepare our recommendations.
  • You will have 30 minutes of undivided coach attention to review your Race Plan, their recommendations and discuss any other race day concerns.
  • You will leave the consult with the confidence and peace of mind that you can execute the race to the best of your abilities.

Cost is $99 and includes: a race plan template, review of your race plan and training data, and a 30-minute phone consultation.

This service is included with all D3 coaching levels except Pre-Built Training Plans.


“You can have the perfect training block and be super fit, but if you have a poorly constructed race plan, you will likely have sub-optimal performance.  Perfect execution of a poor race plan never ends well.  For the last two years, Coach Mike has helped me develop well thought out race plans that have increased my performance and allowed me to have very successful races.  Until working with Coach Mike, I never understood the complexities around developing race plans that incorporate effort, nutrition, and hydration.  These components are all interconnected to each other and are dependent on race distance.  Coach Mike was instrumental in helping me determine the right efforts for my fitness levels for both short (sprints and Olympic distance) and long course (half and full distance Ironman) racing.  To this day, his advice is essential as my fitness levels and capabilities are continuously changing.  These changes have a direct impact on my race plan.” – Scott B.

“Too many triathletes pour their lives into training and then fail to prepare for the race itself. That is one of the many way D3 coaches distinguish themselves. The D3 race plan makes sure you are prepared for everything. You know what gear you are bringing, you know where you will be & when, you know how to set up your transitions and you are ready for every eventuality. For me, that means that the inevitable race day surprises do not surprise or derail me. If you want to make sure that race day / weekend are calm, focused and successful, you have to have a D3 race plan. I know that it is a huge competitive advantage for me.” – Dave D..


Remote Swim video Analysis

Having a Swim Video Analysis is a real eye-opener!

Filming above and below water is essential and having a coach break it down for you is important. Learning which part of the stroke you need to work on and how to fix it is imperative. 

The process is simple.  All you have to do is swim 100 yards (meters) at a moderate clip and have a helper record your video. Send us the video and we will schedule a time for a live video discussion to analyze your swim stroke.  We will provide you with a worksheet with recommendations, as well as specific drills that will help you make lasting changes.  

COST: $99 for one remote session. Expected turn around time is 5-10 business days.
Follow up sessions are recommended and are provided at a reduced rate.  Contact Coach Mike for pricing on a sequence of sessions.    


Group Swim Workouts

Our group swim workouts are based on building a strong technique session after session. In addition, we work on building a strong threshold while holding that strong technique. Our swimmers range from beginner swimmers at 2+ minutes per 100 yds to swimmers swimming under 1:20 pace per 100 yds. Our workouts are run by USAT Certified coaches. 

Big Breakthroughs in the Pool: 

  • We will work with you on your swim stroke at every session
  • You will leave with something specific to work on each week
  • You will gain confidence in the pool that will translate to race day

Our group swims are on Fridays from 6-7am at the N Boulder Rec Center, from January – October.

COST: $50 per 4 monthly sessions (additional charges apply for months with 5 Fridays) or $15 for drop-in sessions
Option 2: 4 swim and 4 run sessions is $80 per month (additional charges apply for months with 5 Tuesdays or Fridays) from March through August.


Group Run Workouts

Our group run workouts meet year-round and rotate their focus between improving endurance,  threshold pace, tempo or speed. We work on different aspects of training at different times of the year. The closer we get to key races, the more we’ll work on race-specific pacing.  No matter if you’re training for an Olympic distance race or an Ironman, these will be productive sessions to help you achieve your goals. Our workouts are run by USAT Certified Coaches. 

Run with Confidence: 

  • We will teach you about your threshold pace
  • We will teach you what your appropriate paces and heart rates zones are 
  • You will have the confidence to race strong knowing your own race pace goals

Run workouts are on Tuesday mornings at 6:20am and we rotate locations around Boulder County.

COST: $40 per 4 monthly sessions (additional charges apply for months with 5 Tuesdays) or $12 for drop-in sessions

Option 2: 4 run and 4 swim sessions is $80 per month (additional charges apply for months with 5 Tuesdays or Fridays) from March through August.









Often times an athlete may experience limitations around open water swimming, high-intensity sets, hilly bike courses, adverse weather or pre-race nervousness.  Others may aspire to greater accomplishments, such as personal records, podium spots and qualifying race results (okay, let’s say it — Kona!), and find themselves missing an edge to get them there. Finding the tenacity to go really hard in a race or training session can be elusive and an athlete may find “something missing” when going at that top effort.  Recovering from an upset: a bad race, getting jostled or running out of air in the swim, or a bad bike crash may require some adjustments in your thinking. These are just a few examples of where your thoughts vs. your physical training may be holding you back from your full potential as an athlete.  

Bringing it all together during competition can be a challenge and the goal of a Performance Mental Skills Session is to help you engage your mind and move it toward your full potential as an athlete.  Every athlete is unique and as such, sessions are tailored to individual goals.  You can expect to go through a process that helps to identify what you would like to achieve and address the specific issues using a variety of effective, simple, fast, durable and instantly verifiable techniques, so you can find relief from the things that hold you back, and gain momentum toward your goals.  Fortunately, feelings of apprehension, tension, nerves or anxiety readily yield to these quick techniques, some of them taking only 10 seconds.


With a Performance Mental Skills Session, athletes are typically on their way, and incorporating their new gains within 1-3 sessions. Each session is $60.

Sessions are held in person, via Skype or FaceTime.

Will Murray is our go-to resource for mental skills advice. He has helped hundreds of athletes from beginners to Olympians use their heads to do more than just hold their hats!


  • Preparing for an ‘A’ race
  • Recovering from an upset (E.g. a bad race or crash)
  • Resolving the negative voices in their head
  • Taming any degree of performance anxiety



If you’re into endurance events at any level, an applicable nutrition & hydration regime is just as important as the right training plan! What you choose to eat and drink, and the timing of each, can have a direct and profound impact on how you feel today, as well as the quality of your workout two days from now. One of the most important benefits of your nutrition is supporting your training volume. You want your body to realize the training you’ve invested in throughout the entire season and nutrition is part of the equation!

The goal of working with a nutritionist is to help you enhance your athletic pursuits through your diet.  Every athlete is unique and as such, your nutritional needs are different.  You can expect to have an initial consultation and to complete an extensive questionnaire so that our nutritionist can tailor a program specific to you.  Let’s make sure you head out the door for your next workout or race literally fueled for success!

There are three choices for nutrition consulting:

  • $250* for a monthly plan and a weekly check-in.
  • $210* for a three plus month commitment.
  • $180* for a monthly plan and bi-monthly check-in.
  • $80* for a monthly plan and one check-in per month.

*There is a $120 set-up fee for all levels.

Megan Forbes is our go-to nutritionist.  She herself is passionate about sports and has helped hundreds of athletes turn their training and racing around with her philosophy that looks at the total person. Not only on dietary intakes and supplements; but lifestyle, prevention, and the use of natural therapies.


  • Athletes who would like to have energy for training and racing
  • Athletes who need to incorporate or accommodate for dietary restrictions in their training
  • Athletes who want to better prepare their bodies for endurance sports with nutrition



You train hard, you focus on the right aspects of intervals, speed, and distance. You spend hours in the pool, on your saddle, and in your running shoes. We know that your goal – be it a sprint or full Ironman – is important to you! You are dedicated, and we realize it. You’ve written a race plan and you are ready to go. Race day comes, and you are expecting a PR based on all of your effort leading into the race.  However, if you didn’t hit your expected race times, your race day fueling strategy might be the culprit.

This may not seem intuitive because you used products that you used during training, but pursuing insight into your fueling strategy may very well be the bump you need to take your performance to the next level.

With a consultation from our race day fueling expert, you can expect to maintain your energy for the duration of the race (or tough workout)! This is a different service from ‘nutrition consulting’ because your race day fueling strategy is about dialing in your specific fueling needs for race day. And this system is based on important metrics such as sweat rate, caloric needs and more as they play out for you during a race.

The goal of working with our race day fueling expert is to help you go the distance without bonking during a training session or on race day.  Every athlete is unique and has different fueling requirements, and as such, you can expect to have an initial consultation with our race day fueling expert, complete a detailed intake and evaluation form that will explore sweat rate, caloric needs, current products, opportunities in training for trials with correct amounts of fluids, electrolytes, and other fueling strategies.  Through this information as well as providing our race day fueling expert with which race(s) you want to ensure you have your fueling strategy dialed in, he will make recommendations to try during training.  These recommendations will continue until a satisfactory plan is developed for the identified race.

An evaluation and strategic plan for a single race – $200 ($165 for D3 Athletes). A second (and all subsequent races) are $165 ($125 for D3 Athletes).

We are confident in our ability to help you develop a race day nutrition and fueling strategy that will help you stay energized, avoid bonks, and sustain through to the finish line. One or two race evaluations will do the trick!

Sessions are conducted via e-mail, phone or Skype.

Nick Suffredin is our go-to expert for race day fueling.  His experience in the human performance laboratory at the Gatorade Science Institute sets him apart!  He incorporated components such as sports nutrition, sports psychology, exercise physiology, motor behavior, biomechanics, and strength and conditioning into his targeted research testing elite professional athletes to enhance their hydration and nutrition intake to improve their performance.


  • Athletes who have had challenges on race day as a result of sweat loss