In the world of triathlon racing and training, bike handling is a must-have for improved performance. No, this might not raise your threshold, but with proper bike handling skills, you will be safer, develop more confidence and you can become faster (even when you aren’t putting the power down!). 

Coach Bill and Coach Jim collaborated on this video where Jim demonstrates seven (7) basic skills that are simple to understand and essential to work on – the present time is a good time to practice these and dial them in!  

You can do most of these skills, in a soccer or football field, your local school parking lot, or anywhere that has just a little bit of space. These skills do not require high speeds, in fact, slow to moderate speeds are best. Your kids will also really enjoy them too! 

  • Improve bike balance
  • Improve cornering
  • Improve bike confidence and safety.
  • Can be done during social isolation.
  • Can not be done on zwift or on the trainer. 
  • Have fun, be safe.

#D3Athletes get the opportunity to take a deep dive with the coaches about this video and the drills in the Team’s Facebook group.  Get your questions ready.  

Coach Jim Hallberg believes that every one of us has the capacity to improve our efficiency, get stronger and run, bike or swim faster. Sure, it takes time, dedication and discipline but it’s possible. Jim is a USAT, USA Cycling and Training Peaks Certified Coach.

Coach Bill Ledden knows that true success in the world of triathlon isn’t simply about crossing the finish line. It’s about the process of setting goals, being determined to reach them and most importantly, the learning that takes place along the way. Bill is a USAT and USA Track and Field Certified Coach.

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