Coach Jim notes that this recipe is great for anytime (dessert or otherwise), but is quite fond of it for his bike rides! Follow the directions carefully and you’ll get a tasty nutritional change up for your rides.

Brownie and Gel Recipe:
Start by making the gel: stir the following (in the noted ordered) into a warmed pot until all ingredients are well mixed:
1.5 cups of honey (warmed)
1 cup of coconut oil (warmed)
Then add:
1 cup of peanut or any nut butter
1/2 cup chocolate
1/2 cup hot water
1 tsp of Boulder Salt
Then make the brownies: follow the directions on the brownie box, but substitute the butter with the gel you made above.
If your doing an Ironman, I recommend putting your brownies in your special needs bag with a frozen bottle or ice pack. You can always modify them by rolling in oats or Rice Krispies if they become to soft on hot days.
Extra gel: use in a gel flask for long rides.
Once you put this in a gel flask, the oil may tend to separate, so just shake it up. Warning, due to coconut oil healthy fats solidifying below 78 degree’s this MIGHT not an ideal gel recipe for winter. It’s more of a summer training recipe. But, for winter months, its very tasty to put on your waffles in the morning or into your oatmeal!
Roughly 160 calories per ounce. (60 more than typical gels)
So in this case more is less. Right? You don’t have to carry as much.
Jim Hallberg is a Level I USAT Certified Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach and Training Peaks Certified Coach. He believes that every one of us has the capacity to improve our efficiency, get stronger and run, bike or swim faster. Sure, it takes time, dedication and discipline, but it’s possible. Working with an experienced coach can make sure that your efforts are targeted in the right areas to make sure you reach those goals!

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